Detailed study of effective cancer therapy frequencies clearly confirms phase conjugate frequencies of Theraphi

Most detailed study of cancer therapy frequencies yet- clearly appears to confirm PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPY Solution- the Dan Winter’s frequency equation behind THERAPHI (
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Conference sur la a plasma de regeneration

THÉRAPHI A PLASMA DE RÉGÉNÉRATION, INNOVATIONS EN BIOFEEDBACK HRV/ EEG – Principes de l’Implosion et Physique de l’Alchimie avec Dan Winter, Paul Harris & Patrick Botte Details see: ENREGISTREMENT / INFORMATION – contact ici Événements à Paris 2017 Jeudi soir (19h-22h30) 27 juillet & vendredi 28 juillet toute la journée (10h-18h) Jeudi soir:…

Perpignan Conference July 21-25, 2017

Theraphic Alchemy: Plasma Rejuvenation from and Details see: (July 24) Using Breakthru BIOFEEDBACK – – and -with HRV / EEG / and Theraphi THE most beautiful ideas- IN the most beautiful PLACE! South France Conference – Perpignan / Prades July 21-25, 2017 (for English speakers) with Dan Winter, Paul…