Theraphi feedback updates – Sept 2020

LifeForceRejuvination – re :“These are my people of Theraphi, the most amazing device on the market. There is no limit to what the mind plus Theraphi as a whole body energy treatment sessions can do. The science behind Therahpi is unsurpassed, The Golden Mean Ratio sets the body into regeneration mode with pine cones kissing.
Thank You Dan Winter -and Paul Harris -for the Epic journey.-“
On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 Kate Stubbs  wrote:
“Hi Claire ( )  my feedback from this weekend.
Testimonial on TheraPhi: My intention for the TheraPhi treatment session was to be open to any type of healing that I needed. I had no strange or significant experiences whilst undergoing the treatment. What I did suddenly realise on the way home though, walking through the forest, was that I had no pain or tightness / pulling in my left foot. And subsequently, still today, my foot is feeling 100 times better. 
Context: I had a morton’s neuroma and bursa cut out of my left foot in May. Have done all the right physio and rehabilitation as directed by the doctor. My 3 month check up showed a good result. The healing journey is long as even though the cut is small, the surgery was quite invasive internally involving nerves and tissue damage. Walking barefoot has been very sore and I hadn’t run since the op. On Friday, I walked through the forest barefoot, on Saturday morning I ran 5kms for the first time in 4 months and then had a fast walk / job through the forest to get to the course. My foot was definitely feeling very tender and a bit swollen. I underwent the TheraPhi treatment on Saturday afternoon. I immediately noticed a difference on my foot. I ran again on Sunday morning and today my foot is feeling better than ever. Definitely some magical healing has taken place!
Take care and hope to see you soon! Love Kate”