Demonstrated usefulness of short 3 min. Theraphi sessions- for muscular skeletal pain:

Update Nov 11, 2019 – from Dr.S-  Theraphi center- Athens  

see also original report from Dr. S. May 17, 2019- 11 Theraphi patients significant reports:

new reports detailed:    -Woman, 61 years old, low back pain, right upper sacroiliac joint immobility. She is a nurse. 3 min session and immediately pain relief. Next day, pain free.

-Young lady, 16 years old, pain on both knees. Diagnosed with chondropathy when she was 13 years old. When she came to my office she could not bend her knees more than 70%, VAS (visual analog scale) 8-10. My diagnose chondromalacia. First session, 3 min, without effect. After one week VAS 2, she could exercise again (jiu jitsu). Second session 3 min. A week later she was feeling her knees as good as new. 

-Man, 68 years old, pain on the right foot, undiagnosed over a year. The x-ray showed no heel spur or plantar fascia calcification. During the examination he had sensitivity at the plantar aponeurosis. 3 min session and immediate pain relief, he could feel his foot softer and more flexible when walking. A week later he said he feels great no need to do anything more.

-Man, 48 years old, professional bodybuilder (huge guy, 120kg mountain full of muscles). He came with severe cervical pain that kept him wake all night, also pain on both knees and shoulders. First session 3on-3off-3on-3off-3on. After two weeks he said that from the second day he was sleeping like a baby. We repeated the same on-off session every two weeks for two more times and stop. He is feeling great, no more pain knees or shoulders.

—A sort update from my neurological research. ….I am still experimenting.

When a patient has spasticity is better to use 3min on-off 10 times max, using low power. Otherwise the spasticity will increase. 

In multiple sclerosis something interesting happened. In 2014 she was injected with 36ml Botox on each lower limb (stupid idiot moron doctor). The result was complete neurolysis. On Friday we tried 30 min on low power and stop. Saturday morning she said that she was feeling like she was reborn. Same day we repeated the same. Monday morning she was feeling her legs.

Low power means that after you turn it off you can touch the electrodes on the tubes without burning yourself. ….

Update- Dr.S.wrote Nov 26: About the patient with the neurolysis, she can move the first three fingers of her left foot……..After five years, this is amazing.