After many requests- thanks to Paul- all new Theraphi systems are shipping with a super useful onboard new programmable digital timer system.   – the following instructions are from Paul-  video:

Theraphi V5T Timer Settings

1. After setting the data, the user must wait for 6s. After 6s, the module will automatically save the data to the memory setting.
2. Short press the SET button (looks like a wheel with cogs) once to enter the time setting mode. The large Red LED timer will flicker. Press the plus or minus button to adjust the timer time T1. After the T1 setting is completed, short press the SET button again. The small Blue LED flashes, set the timer time T2. Press the plus or minus button to adjust the T2. After the T2 setting is completed, the system will automatically save the memory setting time by waiting 6s, the module will automatically memorize the saved data.

With the top switch in PLASMA mode, press the UP arrow to start the timer. Because it is in minutes, you will not see it count down until one minute.

To cancel the timer any time press the RESET button on the timer.

STANDBY mode will over ride the timer any time as well.

The following modes are for advanced timer settings and you should not need to use these.

3. Press and hold the SET button to enter the parameter setting mode. There are two sets of parameters for the user to select P0, P1. Then, short press the SET button to switch between P0 and P1. Under the P0 parameter, you can set the timing mode that is suitable for you by pressing the key. Under the P1 parameter, the working mode can be set by pressing the key.
4. P00T1 timing mode is second
5. P0–1: T1 timing mode is minute *Use This As Final Setting P01
6. P0–2: T1 timing mode is hour
7. P1–0: Tubes Off after delay T1 (T1 timing)
8. P1–1: Tubes On after delay T1 (T1 timing)
9. P1–2: T1 the tubes turn off, and T2, the tubes are on.
10. P1–3: The tubes are off for (T1 timing), tubes are on for (T2 timing)

11. P1–4: Tubes are on for  (T1 timing), and tubes are off for (T2 timing) and repeats the cycle. *Use This As Final Setting P14
12. P1–5: The tubes are off for (T1 timing), tubes are on for (T2 timing) after T2 delay, and repeats the cycle.

For example:

*Top switch must be in PLASMA mode for timer to work, STANDBY mode will over ride the timer.
The user needs 9 minutes on and 6 minutes off, and repeats the cycle. The setting method is as follows:

T1 setting time 9, T2 setting time 9
P0-1 (T1 timing range is minutes)
P1-4 (timer operating mode is: cycle repeats)

Press the UP arrow to start and RESET to stop timer.

*Top switch in STANDBY mode will over ride the timer and turn the tubes off.