Remove the Splinters

Dr. Gerald Smith, who has been using the Theraphi in his clinic for the last 3 years, has just released a book available as a PDF from his website, based on many case histories and years of clinical practice.

Detailed information regarding the Theraphi System is included to reveal the healing effectiveness in matters such as pain and inflammation reduction, tissue regeneration, anti-aging, cell memory reversal and resolution of cancer.

The treatment modalities put forth represent an intelligent evolution especially regarding the use of scalar energy. 

” The common denominator of the universe and of life is scalar energy. (More correctly called Longitudinal EMF – mechanism of Theraphi) –  Scalar energy is recognized as a phase-conjugated, double helix waveform that provides the template for repairing our DNA. It also has the ability to disassemble toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and foreign substances) by altering their molecular structure, making them inert and nonreactive. Scalar energy also stimulates stem cells for repair. In essence, scalar energy is the ‘Holy Grail’

….The ultimate benefit of the plasma generator is that the coherent electromagnetic field created by the Theraphi System restores your body to its original condition. In other words, your cells revert back to a “factory default” setting when everything was in a state of health. This represents anti-aging at its finest.”