Hi Dan,

I hope all is well there. We have been getting very positive results with the Theraphi unit. I have personally experienced increased mental acuity and increased energy. My wife reports the same. During several sessions I have seen what I would describe as looking into a Black Hole. Very vivid colorful apparitions.

Unfortunately my pineal gland is not yet healed fully so I’m not getting the full effect yet. I’m confident that will change as time goes by.

The most amazing effects have been for me at the physical healing level.

About 3 years ago I blew out a disk in my back and healing has been very slow. The pain involved has ruined my life basically. I could barely walk 10 feet without feeling like I had been stabbed in the back. Also shooting pain down the Sciatic nerve right into my foot.

During the third session with the unit I felt something akin to an electrical zapping sensation right on the Sciatic nerve all down my leg and POOF…. Pain gone… Instantly! completely! The absolute relief was incredible!

Literally for the first time in 3 years. The pain returned a couple days later only at a much reduced level and continues to get better each day.

I really sense that all the wear and tear and the injury itself seem to be regenerating!

Other aches and pains that I have had all over my body after 30 years of Hockey,pounding moguls and all of life’s general failed adventures have pretty much totally disappeared! I feel better than I have for years. I am definitely not back to 100 percent yet but I’m at least going in a positive direction now, instead of getting worse. That had been the case for a long time.

Also the Implosive field demands that you eat well. If I eat poorly it makes me nauseous. I had to quit drinking beer completely. It was making me feel sick. Red wine seems o.k though,whew!

I am feeling  sure that I’m in a healing cycle now and look forward to developing the full potential of mental abilities. I’m going to work on hovering,who really knows what the Theraphi is capable of awakening in the human body? I already knew that though,that’s why I bought the unit in the first place. Worth every penny! Having lot’s of fun doing little experiments too.

Planting season starts soon. I already put a couple of bags of wildflower seeds in the machine,we’ll see how that works. I also put our Imploded water in the Theraphi field for drinking,that is some damn good water let me tell you! Well we know the Theraphi work’s and work’s well.Let me know when you overcome Gravity I’ll be wanting one of those machines too!   Keep up the good work!  Bill

April 5, 2016: The House plants in the Theraphi area are going crazy!  All the best!  Bill

April 7 2016: Hi Dan, I would like to report some more effects of the Theraphi treatments.

My Wifes blood pressure was 182 over 104 before the treatments.

Now,after 6 or seven treatments is now 150 over 88.

A significant drop,she reports feeling much better as well, related to B.P. .All The best , Bill,Theraphi #006