Hi Dan! I just wanted to tell you my personal experience in the Theraphi at NYC – I went in with a rash on my neck and a reoccurring pain on my right foot. Additionally, my right foot has turned in (pigeon footed) as I walked since I was a baby. When I went into the Theraphi, I felt all tension from my body totally dissolve and experienced an increase in my clairvoyance (I’m naturally sensitive to those kinds of things.) I was able to see the negentropic tube torus imploding on itself – additionally, I could see the ultraviolet center point of dielectric convergence during my entire experience.

Additionally, I was able to feel/see an increased presence of ancestral spirits/guardian angels. Throughout the whole experience, I felt more relaxed and calm than I ever had before (also made me realize the amount of power avatars/Jesus/Mary Magdalene had.) I became much more aware of microtensions that were stored in my joints and body.

Afterwards, I’ve noticed an increase in vision (even though I’ve had 20/20 vision my whole life), an increase in hearing (my hearing was slightly damaged from loud music over the years), an increase in psychic sensitivity and clairvoyance. The rash on my neck dried up by the next morning, and most notably my right foot does not turn in when I walk anymore (it is now straight!) I actually tried walking how I used to and it was extremely uncomfortable

I’ve recommended the Theraphi to numerous people, and I’ll definitely be going back for another session!!!