Hi Dan and Valerie! Thank you again for the wonderful time these last days!

Here is my Theraphi report. I came to the Theraphi session with an acute pain on my right kneecap. Two weeks ago I had fallen on a concrete floor and this knee absorbed the entire shock. The pain was concentrated into a single point that was very sensitive and quite painful to even the slightest touch, a superficial nerve pain on the kneecap.

After one session of 4-5 minutes, the pain was reduced by about 80%. In a second session of about the same duration, this increased to 90%. As we had to leave the location, I was not able to continue the treatments. After two days, the sensitivity has returned slightly, but only if I press hard on the location. I would estimate the healing now at about 85%.

I have stopped thinking about it and feel that the healing that occurred is now holding steady.

In addition to the knee treatment, I also had one full body treatment. In reviewing the effects of these Theraphi sessions, I recognize that in addition to the healing of my knee, there have also been some more subtle effects from the exposure to the plasma field. The next day I had a strong feeling as if I had received a transmission of understanding of the nature of life energy on a very basic level – not verbal or intellectual.

There has been an increased ability to sense the quality of the life force in my surroundings and also an increased awareness of the many factors in our way of living that reduce our vibrancy, i.e. I am more aware when something “bleeds” my energy field. I have also had some communications from relatives on the other side – something that is only very occasional for me.

Center for Fitness Research – Ashland, Oregon