Robin B. from South Africa- wrote today- May 2, 2017:” I am fascinated and awed by your research and your product and I am so grateful for being able to experience it myself. That is my primary reason for inquiring how I can be part of this revolutionary health option.

I am on a 20 session course of my own Theraphi treatment in JHB South Africa. I am a 46 year old mother of 3.

My immediate feedback after my 3rd session is that my sluggish colon has improved by 100%.

For 5 days I have had a normal bowel movement – this hasn’t happened in 25 years ( I had problems with my weight being anorexic and bulimic for almost 10 years from 15 to 25 ).

I have also recovered to “very little to no neck pain” (a crossfit injury that I have had for 18months and I have been through a year of chiro and physio). Furthermore, the sight in my right eye has recovered to almost 20/20 – previously my sight was fuzzy and I was considering to buy spectacles.

I am also starting my 9 year old daughter on the treatment for her immediate need( broken leg) and her further need with a form of ADD and concentration problems.. I shall send as much feedback as possible to you in this regard.

My husband is a specialist general laparoscopic surgeon. Ill keep in touch with you. Kind regards, Robyn B.