Anesthesiologist, S Africa: “exhaustion subsided ,heart seemed to heal emotionally. & arrhythmia decreased “  My foray into what the Theraphi could do for me was based on pure scientific thought. I have spent many years unpacking much of Dan Winters scientific thought patterns and theories to experience the Theraphi was a culmination of many years of study.

I was super skeptical. My first session of Theraphi was most surprising and interesting. Being an Anesthesiologist, my skeptical mind was in overdrive. The truth of the matter is this, at the time I was experiencing exhaustion and heart arrhythmia. I was on treatment. During the session, I felt a tugging sensation in my anatomical heart area. Not unpleasant

This surprised me bc if anything needed healing, it was my heart both physically and emotionally. Immediately after, I was not sure what to make of it. However, over the next few days I realized that I was more focused and together. My exhaustion subsided, my heart seemed to heal emotionally.

What fascinated me, though, was the arrhythmia decreased to such an extent that I did not need the medication anymore. The heart arrhythmia were a direct result of undue stress way more than I thought I could handle! In my opinion,The Theraphi is a powerful tool, the abilities of which go way beyond Stress Relief. My feeling is that this the model of a future healing modality. My personal belief in the Theraphi is so great that I have invested in one for my Chronic Pain Clinic.

Dr Kantha Gareeb , Specialist Anesthesiologist , Critical Care Physician, Pain Physician > Acknowledgement here to Claire –