Dan we are blown away by how brilliant you are. We keep going back to watch your fractal U videos to remind us how profound this is. It’s beautiful to physically experience it at the same time.

Thank you for making all the connections – across all the most meaningful concepts first of all, and then even to Paul to make the Theraphi come into being. We have so many people coming here – from people who just want to experience bliss, or reduce stress/pain to those with chronic illnesses. It’s amazing how it’s having a larger field effect of weaving together our community here as well as raising our vibrations in multiple ways.

We have named this first one Rosie as she is more of a living loving presence than a technology. We have run 280 sessions in 13 days by the way. Many of those are the same people coming again and again. We now have to balance the number of people wanting to experience it with the time we have in the day.

We are documenting what we can and will send to you as we do.

Last night I lay on the field after it was turned off, for an hour. I had the most powerful cranio sacral fluid movements I’ve ever had with nobody other than the Theraphi (switched off) facilitating. It allowed the fluid to move so powerfully and released so much in my body, particularly in my spine and muscles.

I was privileged to do that before I went to bed as it’s in my home. I feel so relaxed and at peace today. My whole body alignment feels different and wonderful today.