Blissings & Blessings to you and Paul, Master Dan.

I cannot express in words the magnitude of gratitude and deep love I have for you both for creating this awesome device, the Theraphi, which afforded me the space to change my reality and heal my body.

I incurred a severe head injury three years ago, having my skull cracked in two places and 3 cracked vertebrae, have lived with a permanent headache until last week Saturday, when I received my first session, which we did at sunset that day, which was 17h34 on that Saturday, on 25v for 3 mins. I had prepared my mind for weeks, waiting impatiently for the arrival of my miracle, The device, to be headache free.

When the field started up I focused on perfect health. After 3 mins, I felt rather numb,yet buzzing kind of, like electri-Phi-ed and extremely joyous. I was headache free and still am. My miracle happened!

You guys are Phi-king amazing. I honour you both from the bottom of my heart. The Theraphi magic bubble miracle machine is like the Second Coming for me. I’m Pain free & I’m Eternally grateful to you both Blissings n blessings.