It appeared as though the Theraphi device “knew” or read what my body needed or where it should be treated. It definitely has a tremendous potential. The therapeutic effects are potentialized when one let’s the energy flow and does not try to interfere by directing the energy to a specific area or for a specific problem.

The energy/ frequency has a greater effect during the first 20/25 minutes of the session. After that it stabilizes and there is much less energy interaction or corrective healing effect felt. That is to say, one is not cognizant of what else might be occurring within the body or greater energy body.

1) In my case, my feet and then my legs all the way up to the knees felt a tingling and warmth which lasted throughout the session. I have varicose veins in both of my legs, but that was not brought-up or stated to anyone.

2) After my feet/lower legs (about 10 minutes later) I felt the same tingling sensation in my hands and lower arms.

3) As the energy moved through the body or scanned my energy body(ies) a 5 ft ring was formed around the throat area and in rather rapid succession more rings were formed around the body going downwards until they gelled together and formed a tunnel or wormhole which I could look down but could not see an end point (The wormhole did not go upwards or beyond my throat area, so I presume that what I was bring shown was that the energy was moving thru past sequences/occurrences within the physical/energy body). This happened about 10 or 15 minutes into the session).

4) Round discs/plate-like formations then started appeared above by body about 10 to 20 ft above where I was laying. They all had the same format and where interlaced. Within this larger disc shape, within it center, a ray appeared (could have been a laser ray or a solid tune apparatus that one could term “ a large drill bit”) and it went through my heart – completely through it. The process lasted a couple of minutes and there was not pain felt ( I do have a small leaky valve from my heart to my lungs – which affects both my heart and lungs, but I only feel short of breath sometimes.)

5) A few minutes later all “energy corrections or whatever we want to term what was transpiring “ started to stabilize. I decided that
maybe I could use one of my own techniques to help clear toxins etc from my body, which I usually do on a daily basis, but it “just
came to me” that I shouldn’t interfere with the process.

6) It took about 3 to 5 minutes to get into an alert “Beta” state again (I would say the the Alpha state was still interfacing in my brain/consciousness). I had a herbal drink, then left the building and felt so full of energy and still feel very energetic after 5 hours have gone by.”