We all desire to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. The convergence of spirituality and science is something I have been passionate about for a long time.

I am so honoured to be one of the first theranauts to experience the planet’s most accurate broad spectral phase conjugation healing field, and would like to make it shareable. I felt a pull towards another experience with the Theraphi, and recently travelled to The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York to immerse in a third session.

My relationship with synchronicity drove me to visit the plasma rejuvenation device in its very early stages of development in March of 2016. It was one of the first times it was made available to the public. Since then, it has successfully entered into 12 or more countries.

The inspiration for creating the Theraphi is over 100 years of pioneering efforts by Nikola Tesla, Antoine Priore, Georges Lakhovsky and Royal Rife. Priore was the original inventor of plasma tubes for cancer and other healings.

I was surprised to discover that Priore system was the most proven energy cancer cure in the world! Thousands of documented cases have been recorded by the French government who funded millions of dollars to sustain his research until multinational attacks cost his support and funding. Big pharma powered medical cartel? This information was swept under the rug for years until electrical engineer, teacher of sacred geometry, metaphysicist, and conscious luminary Dan Winter, and plasma engineer Paul Harris brought together implosion science, phase conjugation, fractality, and ancient wisdom to create the revolutionary Theraphi.

It involves the concept of negentropy, self-organization or increased order and Dan’s fractal frequency signature equation to reverse us back to coherence.

I entered the cloud of cold plasma – the bioactive field – the implosive fractal charge compression, for approximately 3 minutes. I awakened to zero-point, sat up, and couldn’t stop smiling. Callie, the beautiful twinkly eyed lady, who was “steering the tornado” or focusing the longitudinal waves of charge, looked at me and told me I had a beautiful smile. She then said something that resonated deep inside. “Live less in your head, and more in your heart.” Her wise words have remained, and I continue to reflect on them.

Apparently the majority of us, especially those living in the busy city, tend to center in our analytical, theoretical and intellectual brains more than our intuitive hearts. Living in the heart, in love and joy, is our natural state of being. Theraphi helps us move from a state of stress into a state of creation. My brain took a back seat and I was brought back into my heart. It was a profoundly magical feeling, a different one than I was custom to. So much polarity in the world, but they say there is no polarity in the heart.

Within minutes, my consciousness shifted. I felt full of adventure and experienced that child-like wonder again. I re-discovered a feeling I was yearning for. This is how bliss and peak perception feels. All the colours brightened, my focus increased and I experienced so much clarity and coherence. Theraphi amplified all my senses and I felt more connected. We were at New York City’s Nikola Tesla street corner, when I noticed my eyesight had become 2x clearer.

I could see the street signs and store signs on the other side of the road! My friend took off his eyeglasses and was also mind blown. He said “Oh my god, I could see!” Then, I started to cry tears of joy. At the time I hoped that it would be a permanent change to my eyesight, but the clarity lasted for a couple of weeks and my eyesight slowly started to fade again. However, the focus returns often, especially when I’m in fractal space.

I later learned that after using the Theraphi, many people report not needing their eyeglasses because “the physics of focus is phase conjugate charge.” Anyway, the buzz was so awesome that after a couple of hours of roaming around, we decided we had to return for a second session before heading back home to Toronto. It was getting late, and we were the last ones to try the device that day.

We were very thankful that we were welcome to a second session. We ended up having a lovely conversation with the inventor Paul Harris and sponsor of the event Roger Green. Before we left, we took a few group photos and I purchased some herbs from herbalist Inga who now administers the Theraphi sessions at The Alchemist Kitchen. I was going to cross paths with her again in a few months. I promised myself that I would be back!

I visited the Theraphi again a few months ago. This time it was at the Alchemist’s Kitchen, an incredible newly opened magical herbal shop. I held a few of the crystals that I purchased from Astro Gallery of Gems, and I entered the vortex into the stillness. Inga was steering the tornado with her focused human attention and restoring charge compression. I fell into what I can only describe as a state of deep meditation. I was in so deep that I did not realize that my session was over and I was being called to open my eyes. I finally awoke to someone saying “we have a sleeper!”

There was such an interesting discussion that sparked during the Theraphi event. I remember Inga Bylinkina explaining that people tend to shut out/ numb the pain, and what the Theraphi sometimes does is bring the pain to the surface for processing right before the healing takes place. Here’s an interesting insight from Dan Winter regarding pain being nature’s useful reminder to increase focus.

“Pain is the charge that is bleeding because fractality got broken. Pain is not a mistake that god made. Pain is an appropriate invite to restore electrical compression or attention. Pain generates focus which aligns magnetic waves, which organizes tissues, which heals. Pain is a simple invitation to place attention where ordering is now needed. When we response with relaxed love and say, yes here bleeding tissue, here is all the adding wave aligning power you need, instead of the emotive chemistry of panic and pain killers, the tissue is fed by a warm burning which quickly turns into a gentle tingle of tissue made young again.”

Another interesting quote from Dan Winter’s book Conscious Kids adds insight to the science of bliss and why biofeedback and the Theraphi device can heal addictions/ A.D.D/ disease. “Addiction is simply a wrong turn – in the attempt to make bliss. When a beer drinker finds a way to make the brain wave music (neurofeedback) to attract charge that is the moment when his next drink of beer will make him sick. The brain wave music that makes bliss is a cascade of compression.” Theraphi creates healing through facilitating the creation of those brainwaves and bliss/peak experiences.

We need to distill from the Theraphi experience and learn how to become self-steering and focus the waves of charge from within. The Theraphi is an incredible tool that makes it easier for us to revert back to our true nature, but we must be self-empowered to achieve and maintain the source of bliss from within. My experience with the Theraphi inspired me to seek Vipassana, a 10-day silent meditation retreat which resulted in an extremely similar experience. Maybe we are all spiritual by nature, by our birthright, and we just need to do some remembering.

I hope this post resonates with you. If you intuitively gravitate towards this, it might be a sign that your soul is yearning for a consciousness shift, and some expanded perception. My soul invites you to try the Theraphi device for yourself and gain the quality of lived experience. They offer many free sessions every few months. You can visit theraphi.net or follow the Theraphi Facebook page for more information and updates.

Thank you today, and everyday on behalf of millions, Dan Winter, Paul Harris, and all the brilliant minds and loving hearts whose shareable thoughts have contributed to the healing of the world. Your pure intent and collective consciousness create powerful forces and in beautiful, gentle ways you shake the world.