I have been enjoying being in the Theraphi field and its influence on those who experience it with me.

As a biodynamic cranial sacral therapist I especially enjoy doing the hands on session after the person has been Theraphied because their body is already in the streaming mode that would generally happen in the later part of a cranial session and therefore the orchestrations of cog wheeling motilities of the organs and bones are quicker to sync into balance during a cranial sacral session after being Theraphied.

Facilitating the hyper aspects to calm and the hypo aspects to energize is part of a cranial sacral session; since that is already underway from the Theraphi my role as a cranial sacral therapist is more to contain the cog wheeling toroidal rhythms by providing the skilled listening touch that enables neighbouring organs , bones and vessels to come into full rhythmic coherence. Impinged nerves will unsnaggle and lengthen as the tensegrity of the vorticing rhythms of tissues are restored and then also working directly with the nerve for its suppleness can be reminded.

Sometimes a more positional release is required, sometimes it’s a matter of feeling the angle of entry and of exit of the forces that have put the body out of balance to find the neutral point in the ensemble of out of whacked rhythms . It seems though that adhesions that have been restricting the rhythms have already been softened by the Theraphi and therefore adjustments between the bones often happen spontaneously when moving about after a Theraphi. If articulations are still restricted and unbalanced the cranial sacral therapist can facilitate with little time because the tissues are already energized.

Many people are touch deprived and out of touch with their body . Our security was established after birth by being held securely snugging us into our developing mid-line mimicking the containment that the womb formerly supplied. Interoception (the slow background tone of the body) , is reinforced outside of the womb by being held; by being snuggled into the front of our body organ tone and organ rhythms build vitality.

Our interoception, our inner sense, our confidence, our ability to maintain eye contact is secured by being held we are secured into our body. People who are scattered are dis-organ-ized, they need to develop/ experience interoception to alleviate anxiety , disassociation and pain as this quality of sensing and perceiving becomes known.

Love can be received remotely from across the room or across the globe and with the help of the Theraphi amplified healing fields (remotely or in situ) echo out and through intention to benefit where our attention is placed. Cellular touch and cellular holding after Theraphi help us to consolidate beneficial energy into a felt sense of coherent intelligence.


A Detoxing BOOST
One of my favorite combos to do for lymphatic system balancing:

  1. Theraphi
  2. Self initiated oscillation (non-motorized) and gentle rebounder
  3. Ionic foot detox while receiving manual lymphatic balancing around the head neck and collar bones
  4. Lying on Inlight system pads set on the lymph system frequency with infrared heat while receiving manual lymphatic balancing for the lower body and the torso

This 4-way lymphatic system boost streamlines the efficacy of the lymphatic system to optimally cleanse the body of toxins


Remote sessions
I love doing remote sessions with the Theraphi. I stand off to the side of where a picture of the individual being focused upon is placed between the Theraphi bulbs and hold a quartz star tetrahedron in each of my hands. The crystal stars are attracted to the densest immobilized area of the recipients body.

I prefer standing so my hands and arms are free to follow the movements because as the restricted area shifts the stars glide along the path of least resistance to the next constellation of immobilized tissues. I feel the polarity balancing , the rhythms , the condensing and expansion phases of the tissues just the same as if my hands are on the body . Some recipient reports feeling physical sensations during the remote Theraphi session… all recipients report feeling refreshed and relaxed after the remote Theraphi .

Some recipients experience total relief from a specific symptom and some partial relief after one session . A cumulative enhancement of well being is noticed by those who have repeated exposure to the Theraphi whether it is through remote sessions or coming to my studio for several rounds of exposure .

Those who are open to the concept of remote therapy are already open and willing to participate in informing healing influences far beyond being a separate dense matter body . Indeed the whole universe is in constant and instant communication .

We can perceive and focus on the quality that we desire and seek enhanced energetic amplification by visiting power spots of the earth or certain man made power structures or specific geometric forms that you go into or hold… or the super ! Theraphi !

As we become aware of our level of involvement with this process we evolve, our consciousness expands and we become keen on the universe and our interaction with it.