HI Dan. Thank you so much for being so informative. I am now keen of purchasing one (Theraphi) in SA again as I have already marketed it considerably and already have 2 doctors that have agreed to forward their patients to me. I would like to set one up here and then when return to UK set another one up there.

We found someone that had a Theraphi in Bonnievale and drove up to try it out. I would also like to inform you of my daughter’s and my experience: – we went 3 times in one day with 2 hour intervals at 3min, 5 min then 7 min. History: I had a broken femur when I was hit by a car in Holland and have constant pain in my hip and back.

I felt a tingling and refreshed after the first 2 sessions but on the 3rd session the hip and back pain areas started burning (nice burning feeling- felt like a heated pad) and I felt I could almost feel the healing and the flowing of the cranio-sacral fluid. My back and hip felt amazing and my pain subsided for at least 3/4 weeks before it started up again but not as severe.

My daughter (History: age 17 young fit and healthy.) had the same amount of treatments and felt tingly and slightly spaced out with the first two, on the last session she experienced an out of body experience and felt like she was looking down at her body with the nervous system lighting up as a green glow.

Skyla also said she thought about her boyfriend issues, at which point she felt like her heart protruded as a warm bright pink and then faded back into her skin. She also felt a wonderful sensation like water rippling over her face. She is quite conservative so was at first a bit wary of telling me but when she did her face lit up. I would presume this was the bliss/euphoric state.

Children have considerably less blockages compared to adults, hence our different experiences. I am hoping to clear all my blockages through the use of the Theraphi and eventually get to the bliss stage.😁

PS my son is studying Molecular Biology and Bioformatics and has been fascinated with the info I have given him.

I am so excited about the device since finding it and believe it can help with all sorts of ailments and problems we encounter.  I have a friend that owns an autistic school and was wondering how you felt about treating autistic children, and children with ADD. I am also very keen and interested on the plant side and what the Theraphi can do for our plant life. Thanking you kindly.