So everyone wants to know “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU USE THERAPHI”…..these are just my thoughts….Everyone is different so what you experience will not be the same as anyone else….I know….DUH. So don’t compare experiences just experience them. Things have gone in stages for me…..first changes happened in the physical body…..then the “soul”….and now it’s happening at the etheric level.

Things are manifesting at levels/rates I haven’t ever seen before. The other night I was able to tell a friend that she would get her new apartment and which apartment she would get. I haven’t ever had anything like that happen (or I didn’t pay attention LOL) People are showing up that are amazing…..and amazing doesn’t always mean great but most of them have been super kewl.

I have been contemplating how I “feel”….and I can honestly say….better….emotionally less “tense”….physically is still a puzzle but it will work itself out….spiritually way more connected….

Totally Blessed/Blissed with this whole adventure!