Pulmonary Nodules – CT Scan-after plasma “bilateral pulmonary nodules have decreased in overall number and decreased in size”

AJ’s report thanks to CENTER FOR FITNESS RESOURCES , Ashland, Oregon www.centerforfitnessresources.org/theraphi.html

I am a 73-year-old, 120 lb, Caucasian female. As of 6/1/2018, I began my 3rd round of Theraphi sessions with 2 sessions daily at 9 minutes/session. My initial Theraphi sessions started in mid- January of 2018 following a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to my lungs.

This was visualized on a CT lung imaging study (10/12/17) followed by a CT needle biopsy on 10/20/17 that confirmed the primary source to be of breast origin. The initial CT report revealed “greater than 20 new bilateral pulmonary nodules involving all pulmonary lobes.” As such, there could be no surgery or radiation; chemotherapeutic agents were also not recommended at that time; however, I was prescribed an anti-estrogen.

It was incredible synchronicity that my brother had just installed a Theraphi unit and I was able to commence with 2 rounds of Theraphi sessions (1/17 to 2/10, 2018 for 21 sessions: 1x daily – 3 minutes up to 7 minutes per session and 3/9 to 3/29, 2018 for 36 sessions: 2x daily – 5 minutes per session) at The Center for Fitness Resources in Ashland, OR. A second CT study dated 4/20/18 revealed “the previously seen bilateral pulmonary nodules have decreased in overall number and decreased in size compared to 10/12/17.”

I am so thankful for this innovative technique as a means of restoring cellular vitality and mitochondrial strength. I hope this report encourages those facing a cancer diagnosis, as well as their therapists, to include Theraphi sessions as part of their ongoing protocol.