After the initial response (high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke symptoms) to WiFi, ElectroMagnetic Frequencies, my education on EMF began and continues. To help resource for myself and others, how to recover, restore and to neutralize this disruption to life systems. In the beginning my body spent high percentages of each day, lying on the earth, absorbing earth’s scalar waves, to re-stabilize my body and brain. The sacred geometric wave patterns are the inverse the EMF. I already owned a light Rife Machine, BioPhoton light instrument and Quantum Wave Scalar Laser. Wonderful modalities and mildly effect major changes to the responses I was experiencing from the microwaves. I continued to investigate for a higher intense field of scalar light, to use light as a homeopathic remedy for the damaged capillaries in my brain, body and memory.

Last October a friend introduced me to Dan Winter on YouTube, and informed me of the TheraPhi. The plasma light of TheraPhi was regenerating, reigniting our light to who and what we truly are- fractalized light- without identity and patterning.

At the time, there were only two Theraphi Instrument in the United States on the east coast. In June, my friend located a new Theraphi north of my home in northern California. He had already experienced the Light Plasma, and appreciated the effects he received. I made myself immediately available to travel north.

I was delighted and excited to experience what I knew was possible for healing light -to reverse the effects my body was experiencing. The results were heart felt and expanding. Through the experiences of the Theraphi, this body has become more sensitive in some aspects to EMF, and stronger in others. Am still sensitive to EMF at this time however the response time has lengthened.

What I experienced energetically and spiritually is the testimonial…

As a lover of light divine, a sun gazer since childhood and so love the sunsets. The quest to meet the past solidified in this body, to meet the dark spaces held within as who we are as light was an addiction. The depth of darkness guided this body to become Holotrophic Breathworker, Chiropractor, Network Chiropractor, and am presently a intuitive empathic healer- a StillPoint Whisperer, one who senses in form where consciousness desires to bring itself to itself- the Still Point.

In the first session with the Theraphi, I can only explain this body’s response was ignited by my love of light. The experience was the love of light meeting itself in the plasma light, and the dark gap of soul separation was united and continues to integrate. Theraphi is a Kundalini experience of love loving itself in form.

There was tingling on my head and soles of my feet. Intense deep breathes, which increased in depth. My back arched with each breath and the pelvis- sacrum/coccyx responded in rhythm to the breath, sweetness of light within, ecstatic movement of uniting in the love of light and a sense of every cell percolating to life and awareness of itself. Spirit was chanting to itself in tones, extended vibrations of a universal language of no thought.

Spirit having a beyond human experience. Wonderfully connected, delightfully blissed. My body in Samadhi. That Theraphi experience has made the 8 hour round trip drive a no brainer. I have experienced the TheraPhi approximately several times in a day, once a week. My experiences continue to be radiant and energizing with the light plasma, ecstatic with vocal toning; healing energy and form. Parts of my body that would not allow to be touched, and static to movement came hOMe to the whole being. A Network Chiropractic friend, who entrains my body was delighted and amazed, as I was, at the most separated parts in lower thoracic spine rose from the adjusting table to be touched.

I love music and guitar playing. Have wanted to play, and life has slipped by. Now I am being played through tones – to ocean beings, ancient beings and the Earth. The toning as strengthened and has reached the energetic space of presence with beings experiencing oceans, earth and air. The sentient ocean beings requested a creation of a global resonant toning at waterways on this radiant planet, vibrating changes of earth, water, air and form.

Also to demonstrate to the beings experiencing humanness their unlimited, creative abilities are beyond the lies and deceit they have been programmed to live. This event, Earth”s Resonant Choir was be on 9/11 to transform the energetics of the 9/11 false flag, for beings experiencing themselves as humans to “flip the switch” and realize their being human as the source itself, a fractalized spark of source. The toning vibration synchronized in time will create a neutralizing of the dark effects on this earth. Here is the flyer that was sent via email for the Global Toning.