On my first session I felt the left side of my body ‘wobble’. There was a mild sensation of pulling in the scar on my neck. When lying on my stomach for the last 3 sessions – I felt an aching sensation in my sacro iliac joints.
After the sessions I have a fair amount of popping and crackling in my ears.

MVA in 1994 – resulted in a whiplash injury. Aggravated by playing under water hockey.
MRI 2010 – Disc herniation in cervical spine. C4/5 – more on the right than on the left. Disc herniation also at C5/6. Never really been a problem until about a month ago – numbness and tingling and a sensation of cold in the ulnar distribution of the right forearm and 5th

It was amazing!! I have no symptoms anymore (mild awareness of my neck while working) but otherwise good. My pelvis has no more discomfort – it also feels more stable – almost as if an incorrect motor pattern has been changed. My energy levels are much better. Ears and sinuses are clearer. Stress is more manageable.

Enormous – it is allowing me to continue to work instead of forced rest – which I may have had to do in order to allow for some healing to happen. The remote sessions I believe are going to be fantastic too – The more my body can heal itself on an ongoing basis the more likely I am to be able to work symptom free too.