I had seven sessions over one week in the Theraphi. After one week I feel as if I am a new person. Twenty four years of nagging pain in my foot is gone.

I was in a head on collision with a car while riding a motorcycle (my foot was crushed between the motorcycle and the front bumper) witch led to four reconstructive surgeries back in the early nineties.

My fist metatarsal was totally destroyed (smashed to pieces,almost a total loss requiring a bone graft from my hip) along with compound fractures of the second and third (the second and third metatarsals were sticking up out of my foot).

I noticed some relief after one session, but after the second session the pain was gone. GONE! This machine (for lack of a better term) not only healed chronic pain, it also sorted out my mind. Stress vaporized as tingles flowed through my body.

I could feel my mind expanding. My imagination is as vivid as it was when I was a child and I could once again have lucid dreams. I could guess and say it was decalcifying my pineal gland.

This machine (again I apologize for lack of a better term) repairs not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Thank you Dan and Paul. Thank you for your life renewing work.