Margarete and I just returned from spending three great days with Eddy Sharpless in Redway, CA. Eddy was a very gracious host and provided us with 7 Theraphi sessions in the short time we were there. We were also able to see the special space he is constructing to house the device along with his store, where he sells sacred statues, images, crystals, etc. – a very unusual store specializing in larger items (such as 50,000+ pound stumps of very beautiful petrified wood).

Eddy provided us with the experience of the Theraphi field that we have needed and we are now very close to being able to submit an order (assuming, of course, that you are comfortable having us as owners of a Theraphi device). We are very grateful to Eddy for his sharing, his openness and his hospitality in making his time available to us and look forward to seeing him again soon in the new year.

Eddy, by the way, is enjoying his device immensely. He was joking with us that after a few more sessions and the increased focus he experiences from them, he will have to change his name to Eddy Sharper, if not Eddy Razor sharp! I vote for the latter!
We have now only a few questions remaining, for which we would like to have some feedback:
1. As I understand it, our own awareness provides the low pressure point within the tornado or could I say a “probe beam” as in phase conjugate mirrors? This steers the tornado as you say. But is it at all possible that the Theraphi field could impose, let’s say, a “will of its own,” or an intention that is not coming from the person in the field? If the therapist is near the field, I am assuming that he or she would be participating in the intentionality and most likely and hopefully with an intention of supporting a healing. But what if a person is alone in the room. Can another presence move in, say a disembodied soul? Are there precautions that need to be observed in this regard? Or to dig deeper is there an intentionality inherent to the Theraphi field itself.
A: There are many reports of plasma fields- behaving in a ‘self aware’ way- even responding intelligently to telepathy :  ball lightning is just one example – also probably the various names for monoatomic hydrogen- browns gas, joe cell, magnagas- these plasmas based on conjugate materials also tend to self organize – like phase conjugate dielectrics ‘alice in barium titanate land’.  Essentially all conjugate materials- the more broad spectral (embedded) they become- the more they mutually support the (longitudinal EMF generated) radio which connects them all. This points to a very ‘Lord of the Ring’ kind of physics. (the ring toroid in DNA being the ultimate longitudinal producing conjugator ).  Point being that human provided intentional direction would generally more context rich- therefore best able to set the direction of the (plasma) tornado. We know why and how human intent provides the (tornado steering) implosive space of lowest pressure  ( We also have reports how helpful Theraphi has been for plasma projecting discarnate spirits (reports in France).


2. I understand that the alignment of the two devices does not require a high amount of precision, but can anything be said about the shape and intensity of the resulting implosion field once the two Theraphi devices are pointing at each other and activated? Is there, for example, a difference in intensity between points close to the devices and the halfway point between them? Is the field working equally on all parts of the body or how is the resulting charge distributed within the body?
A: Theraphi is broad spectral. The high frequency (sub-mhz range/ and optical)- frequency components will be more directional (conjugating optical lasers requires angstrom precision)- the lo freqeuncy pump waves -much bigger envelope- conjugate more easily. In general we do recommend aligning as accurately as possible by sight- and note that pointing at critical areas being treated for localized issues is appropriate. Once the patient relaxes (becomes conductive/ dielectric high.. and ‘feels the tingle’ spread)- then the zone of affect propagates globally. Even the tubes brightness often tell you when the patient has ‘matched impedance’.  Many meanings of the term ‘reducing resistance’ apply here..


3. Does someone who has had a session “leave his stuff” on the table? In other words, is there an imprint in the field that remains and needs to be dealt with in some way? The field itself seems to create a lasting presence that does not just disappear when the power is turned off.
A: There is definitely a residual field- called ‘ conditioning the space (implosively)’. In the same way the Theraphist should wash,  hydrate and ground- between session – some attention to space clearing / astral hygiene would apply. Rather like- after you put the (conjugate) crown on the king- if there are unshareable thoughts/waves (anger)- they will destabilize – even more quickly. Conjugate/ implosive /fractal space is like preparing for death (still point)- just the way a Kogi would before entering the (Korotkov measured) fractal air where ancestor phone calls are possible.


4. How long lasting have the effects of the field proven to be? Can one generalize about this or it this something that is very specific to each person?
A: Theraphi sites- become like a church- if the field is propagating through conjugate materials- it stays longer.. You hear that Theraphi characteristic ‘ring in your ears’ (ventrical-power spectra -is in the book, sangraal-song in the blood- )-after any sacred/ bliss experience. How long it lasts depends of course on all the hygiene aspects of ‘grace’ (charge acquisition).


5. Have there been any negative reactions to the Theraphi field in the world experience and, if so, is it known to what these effects can be attributed, i.e., how they can be avoided?
A: There definitely can be issues from too much- primary among them issues related to dehydration (for example lymph won’t flow). Anything like Theraphi which releases toxins- needs time for detox – hydration / grounding/ rest – even nutrition. Many agree that often the detox period – after Theraphi comes before they then feel stronger than ever. Too much charge often triggers angst/ impatience (need to process). To make this gentle – is why we recommend only 1 or maybe 2  sessions of roughy 5 min  or so- per day. Psychologically also- if your thoughts speed up- this necessitates being able to locate the centripetal still point –
before you add even more spin.  Near death visions are electrically contagious for similar reasons.


6. Can the Theraphi field amplify negative thoughts or emotions or ego characteristics?
A: The idea in general is that un-shareable thoughts/ waves- will create their own destruction.
(The urge to gamble is shown to be an unconscious urge to thanatos/death- when you don’t believe inside that you serve.. the urge to death WILL get you)  Adding spin  or conjugation – would likely speed up this process which will not always be comfortable. Your DNA actually wants to store in the conjugate field of the collective conscious- only those waves symmetries- visions – which permanently serve survival (pure principle). Theraphi- like kundalini – charge implosion is best added in gentle doses..

Here is a brief account of our experience of the Theraphi field (session length varied from 3 to 9 minutes).
William: The first effect I noticed was the feeling of being energized. I had come following 4 weeks of intense computer work and in a state where I was ready for bed at 8 pm already. This state disappeared immediately and I found that I had ample energy available to work into the night, but at the same time it was of such a nature that I could decide at any time to go to sleep and this was not hindered in any way.

The energy was, thus, not a nervous energy or something like a coffee hype. The hip pains and various joint pains that had also been bothering me disappeared after the second sessions and have not yet returned. In this period of stress mentioned above I was also waking every two hours with the urge to urinate. This has been reduced to getting up once in the night and my sleep is more peaceful. Last night I dreamt in color, something I have not done in quite some time. After the first several sessions I noticed an increased and noticeable desire to be in nature.

The place where Eddy currently has the Theraphi device is close to a bend in the Eel River where one can walk along the river in a fairly isolated and pristine location – this was a wonderful way to ground oneself after a session. Since returning home I have also noticed the opposite: a reluctance to enter places with an unhealthy field, such as a store with many fluorescent lights – I just couldn’t bring myself to enter. A: Me too.

 Margarete: I could feel the energy of the Theraphi field spinning around me, sometimes in one direction, sometimes in another and I could see in my mind’s eye a galaxy of stars. I could feel the small universe channels (from Chinese medicine) open up. In every session I had the feeling I was floating. After each session and then generally I noticed that my vision had improved. I could read small print easily and everything was clearer. It must be added that we were taking a dose of QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore (seawater supplement from France) before each session and drinking a lot of Theraphi charged water.

This could also have helped the improvement in my vision. Already after the first session I felt more energized and more focused. This was not a state of over stimulation, however, and I slept easily and deeply. Normally I have headaches when I travel, but this time the absence of such headaches was noteworthy. I am aware that I have more willpower and have become more outspoken and self-assertive. Another interesting phenomenon is an increase of synchronicities: I think of something and shortly thereafter a related event occurs in my outer world.