Glen Rein, PhD, Quantum-Biology Research Lab, Orange County, CA  – thanks also to Roger Green –  and Paul Harris
will present results at our 3rd annual Theraphi International Conference in Sept.   (we apologize it is sold out- film coming) —   Abstract:

Understanding how the bio-active field emitted from the Theraphi device promotes healing at the physiological level, we consider the role of DNA to transduce the subtle energies associated with the plasma field into usable energy. It is in fact the electrical properties of DNA which are most susceptible to subtle energy and which are intimately involved with the self-healing DNA repair mechanisms. Original experiments are herein (to be presented)
Described where the effect of Therapi’s plasma field was shown to increase the electrical conductivity of DNA. Conductivity was measured by an unconventional method which involves taking measurements at the resonance frequency of the target, which in this case is double-stranded human DNA.


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Measuring Healing Energy & Heart Coherence Effect on DNA Braid, & Imprinting and Storing Quantum Information in Water

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from Dan Winter’s discovery Origins of Heart Coherence-  RealHeartCoherence. com
– see link for newest 2ch EKG Heart Coherence Empathy Amp- released this week!

The power spectra of EKG and EEG for coherence embedding directly inspired the conjugate frequency cascade powering Theraphi.