Theraphi testimonial from Hiwaii- care of Michael Obeck- May 30, 2019

“At 67, I have been on a 44 year journey to recover my health and wellness. I have faltered many times along  the way but most  of my efforts prior to Theraphi treatments have been with food experiences. I did relocate to a tropical climate as far away from mass civilization as possible 17 years ago and my access to water and air are much improved. However, I have had lingering chronic skin, nail and sinus conditions persist regardless of my food choices.

Prior to the experience, I asked those who had taken the therapy to describe their sensations, each of the first 3 said that they felt it in an area of their body that has been chronic, shoulder, ankle and more…

Theraphi treatment has greatly influenced my wellness! From the first treatment when I felt the energy inside my sinus cavity to the gradual improvement of my skin in the areas of solar keratosis, cracks, nail-bed healing and overall balance of well-being.

At some point I would like to have a device for our personal use, in the  meantime while saving for the ultimate  purchase, Michael Obeck has been our local angel of access.
from- John B, 67,   Pahoa, HI
Friday, May 31, 2019 at 11:10 AM- (John added) I would add to my testimonial that I have more clarity of thought and am better able to express the thoughts that I have. Previously, I had fewer moments of such clarity and labored to express them and it was frustrating. I knew how I felt about various matters, just couldn’t easily get it out.  

postscript..  happy puppy…