Gratitude, Empathy & Compassion:The PLASMA Science- Dan Winter ( ) interviewed by Shelley Evans – 64 min. HD .  Shelley – a Theraphi practitioner- works with – who also now became a Theraphi centre.

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My lifetime of work on heart coherence and the measurement of emotional coherence:                alphabet harmonics         alphabet symmetries animations

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lecture here- with Shelley’s edit:

This lecture is a followup in the conference series- earlier university lecture:

Our Scientific, Spiritual World-replied- ‘Big Thanks as always for bringing such incredible knowledge to the world! Just curious Dan, do you agree with Frank Chester in the sense that the heart is actually bringing the blood to a quick stop, sort of like agovernor for the bodies blood so it doesn’t get overloaded? This confused me for the longest time, but I do believe that is what is happening, then just like you say, the heart “throws” out that electromagnetic / plasmic pulse, right after the blood was channeled through the heart’s vortexes, being forced into a stopping / implosion point on each cycle.’
REPLY Dan Winter ‘it has long been known that only perfect electrical relaxation in the still points between ekg beats allows the (fractal) echoes of the universe to enter your heart- so yes the essential perfected relaxation shows up in the still point- I taught heart math also how to measure this when would grab digital samples of just the flat still point between 1 heart beat ekg and spectrum analyze that still point space up to 100 kHz -where the fractal echoes of harmonic inclusiveness (the mind of god) would also emerge during bliss’

Note how the Theraphi Iive blood cell study showed the success with declumping/de roulette  blood strength improvement correlate with those who WERE able to relax completely…

Our Scientific, Spiritual World-then replied: (images discussed- imploding heart cardioid  )
​”Dan Winter, reaching that mind of god has been such a profoundly life-changing experience for myself, and I honestly don’t think it would have happened without your work. I became exceptionally drawn to your sufi wings golden spirals perfected charge distribution model, and that shape is so much like a Cardioid-Figure. I ended up finding that Cardioid formation (Same shape as the Mandelbrot Figure) all throughout the human body, including the cross section of our chest / lungs among many others. But then I noticed while watching implosion or cavitation bubbles underwater in ultra slow-mo, it forms a perfect cardioid right as it turns inside out. Not only that, but right before it turns inside out, it forms a phallic-like tube that ejects the inside pressure as it implodes. So considering this cardioid is the shape of implosion, and our body / heart is based fractally around it ( Within nesting platonic-solids of course), then it just all came together so much more when I thought about this phallic-tube coinciding with the sexual energy of Kundalini stimulation, all boiling down to how well we can still our focus around that implosive center. Hope that makes sense, but I know it’s a bit out there. Thanks again, and I’m always looking forward to the next one.