How electrical engineering solved the mystery of the (Plasma) PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS , from Dan Winter – complete article  : Consciousness is a (potentially transportable) nested plasma toroid vortex which forms around the brain/body – with increasing CENTRIPETAL / IMPLOSIVE COHERENCE- That plasma toroid nest can transport vision / consciousness OUTSIDE THE BODY -lucid dreaming / astral travel / and thru death. (also fully explains the centripetal/ cold making plasma physics of ghost research). This fully electrically explains why consciousness is electrically centripetal, and why charge field compression ( like golden ratio EEG – and – like – & ‘sacred space‘) correlate to PEAK PERCEPTION.

-> 1. Bill Tiller proved replicably: Focused attention CAUSED electric fields to compress (‘implode’) ref: “Conscious Acts of Creation”

2. Korotkov and then Dan‘ proved golden ratio (fractal/conjugate/implosive) EEG frequency cascades CAUSED PEAK PERCEPTION (vision)/ BLISS / ‘TRANCE’  –More on BLISS implosion frequency recipe- HRV/Breath/Microwave/SacroCranial/EEG at

3. Dan Winter with Paul Harris -25 countries- proved those same golden ratio frequencies in plasma – caused SHARPENED VISION – in 25% of people -see International Theraphi Plasma and VISION lecture – That same Theraphi plasma toroid nest-> is proven replicably to be a lucid dreaming trigger

4. Dan Winter, Patrick Botte & Iris – showed KIDS SEEING WITHOUT THEIR , always report their vision forms inside their (blindfolded) head: – BY SEEING THRU A VORTEX TUBE

5. Dan Winter and (deceased) Dan Scheiber showed THE WAY THAT VISION TUBE CONTINUES THROUGH DEATH – is an implosive light / infra-sound (black hole like) vortex (‘Kluver’ symmetry sequence) So much so that surgeons (Ray Moody) – proved death visions are electrically contagious. Successful death requires a kind of electrical ‘black hole’ of charge implosion! – – Remote viewing/ astral travel/ lucid dreaming- AND successful death are ALL specifically coherent / ‘fractal’ longitudinal emf interferometry propagation- generated by the phase conjugate vortex of conscious plasma.. -that’s why optimal sites for them- can be electrically engineered. ( Korotkov and Winter measuring/’fractal charge’ design for sacred space

-‘It’s a PLASMA DONUT – and You can SEE Thru it!.. a ‘remote viewer’..

Access “Higher Self /Zero Point” the Science with Dan Winter .. ‘Higher Consciousness IS Inhabiting the FRACTAL ARRAY’ – – Zero Point ENERGY Physics is STILL POINT Awareness- more at link , Dan’s presentation -at the end of the film where Dan describes access to bliss/ charge radiance- as the turning point for the redemption of ET history of Earth Humans- see