from Dan Winter: “Phase Lock to EMBEDability” – HOW Grounding Heals (Inflammation..and more):Fractal Charge Implosion Explains New Research:  – I recently overcame almost a month of fever and infection ( covid- almost certainly,  happily for months now I am great again). In particular the infection attacked my throat – my usual weakness (too many lecture tours?). When I used the Theraphi – usually 4-8 min. sessions I could literally FEEL it kill the bugs in my throat and reduce the swelling. In synergy I did gradually learn many of the natural correlate solutions: started with hi doses of C, then got diarrhea – then oceans of fresh squeezed OJ (it’s the flavonoids they say), green tea, then in particular ARTEMESIA , and Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin D etc- were turning points. One of the key side effects – well known for Theraphi and many of these treatments/issues – was feeling UNGROUNDED:   head buzzing, metabolism overspeed, feeling floaty etc etc (unable to focus both physically and mentally).

Not quite- Barefoot in the Mud.. but..”   I do want to tell you about a turning point day- when my partner took me out just up the mountain and stuck my bare feet in the ice cold river (irrigation canal) just behind the house.  I IMMEDIATELY felt relief / different- more grounded. — We have long taught the critical importance of grounding for healing ( with many health issues- and particularly needed when adding healing spin/charge with Theraphi).  So much so- that we have urged our Theraphi centers consistently to recommend the book “EARTHING” – with their sessions- their motto: RE-HYDRATE and GROUND.      Many don’t know that MEDICAL RESEARCH IS ALSO CLEAR: GROUNDING REDUCES INFLAMMATION – facilitates healing:

Our purpose here is to articulate the physics of HOW grounding helps heal. In our teaching of physics – our koan has been: Grounding is the same for electricians (me) AND psychologists (me also?)-  Grounding always means ACCESS TO FRACTAL (implosive/ negentropic) CHARGE COLLAPSE.  My “Origin of Negentropy” (book and) equation has shown that the frequency cascade of perfect charge collapse and implosion – (perfect golden ratio series exponents of PLANCK-  which is how we drive Theraphi) – is the only way charge implosion GAINS inertia during compression / collapse. THIS IS PERFECTED GROUNDING. In this way the charge (which causes mass) gains centripetal force and thus negentropy (self organizing quality). As we have explained exhaustively- this explains ALL negentropic centripetal forces- including Gravity (why objects fall to the ground ), how zero point energy arises ( ) , and MIND ( ) , and LIFE FORCE ( in water implosion for example ) 

GROUNDING PERFECTED:  The cold water I touched that day linked the fractal hydrogen short wave implosion in my water and blood- to a much longer wave ( broad spectral charge implosion).  So- next time your kid naturally wants to be barefoot in nature..  take a lesson.