Maude Porchet- kindly wrote Nov 23, 2020:  “Morning Dan,
Nearly 9 months since i received my precious and so appreciated Theraphi.
The benefits are incredible. I have noticed such changes in me: they come in a subtle way,
more like in retrospect noticing how my perception has changed for the better… spiritual growth is taking leaps into an awareness of myself has if moving through the chaos while feeling happy inside!
I know i have touched blissed state during sessions, and it has brought me to a space of navigating the
now moment with more balance and grace.
Lately i have had a recurrence of “glotitis”: my tongue swelling incredibly….am following a juice, fruit and raw salad diet with lots of hydrogen water and tea. Yesterday night, as my tongue was to the roof of my mouth,
I settle into a session and by the half hour, the swelling was half down. Just took another session this morning and  swelling is all gone…..
Also, my daughter loves it: a great break through came with her after 4 sessions, she had a meltdown about some emotional block in her belly just after the session.
We held hands and moved through the emotions together.
The pain she used to feel in her belly has totally disappeared….Miracle !!!!!!!
Every time she comes to visit, she looks forward to enjoy a session.
A few other friends have tried it. All found it very relaxing.
2 of them are taking sessions. One has a lot to go through, so a process (she is aware of it)
the other says it helps her process her emotions and not react so much. She is gaining great clarity on her situation and also loves the sessions.
Voila, my first report of this amazing creation of yours…..❤️
So appreciative of being a recipient of it’s healing bounty !
May Divine Blessings flow your way ❤️