Lyme Disease and Theraphi – protocols with Paul Harris NYC presentation

courtesy of Roger Green –
Lyme disease is a bacterial illness and there is up to 30,000 reported cases in USA per year. The bacteria that causes it, Borrelia Burgdorferi, has been equipped to penetrate all the tissues and systems of the body. Besides from the bull’s eye rash that occurs on some people, you may experience fever, chills, fatigue, body aches, headache, neck stiffness and swollen lymph nodes that accompany the rash.  This is just for the earlier stages. Undetected Lyme Disease can gain enough momentum to begin affecting your joints and causing neurological problems. The Theraphi Device with its high voltage phase conjugation frequencies, helps to kill the bacteria by flooding the body with electricity & energy. You can quickly treat Lyme disease using natural supplements, tonic herbs and the Longevity Healing Diet to dramatically increase the strength of your immune system. Come and learn more about a total natural approach to healing Lyme disease.  www.Theraphi.Tech

–added note: re-Lymes disease assistance using theraphi,  rec- july 12, 2017
From: Kali Huber <kjh—–.com>   Subject: Testimonials Post for Theraphi
“Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme
disease. I have my own cleaning business and not made of money. The pain
in my hands was so bad i couldnt get myself dressed on some mornings. My
depression, anxiety lead to constant suicide thoughts. I lost 12 lbs in
a week. My vision and memory was extremely foggy. I was given
antibiotics that only killed my gut. I was losing everything ive ever
worked hard for. Im a single mom of a type 1 diabetic son and another
son , and here i am….i cant work and now treatment has me broke. A
friend of mine purchased a theraphi and is trying to get people to try
it. Well i jumped at the chance. Day 1 i noticed such an incredible
change. Ive only been doing this for a week now. I do 30 min sessions. I
have 100% pain reduction. My eyes can see road signs and small print. My
mind is more clear. I think more clear and best of all i can remember
little details. As well as simple math. I am able to keep working due to
0 to no pain. I dont know how long i have to continue treatment or if
this clinically is helping my lyme. I have blood test in the works as
well as a homeopathic dr with an electro something machine that measures
the meridian points. So hopefully in 2 weeks i will see a difference and
can report back.
that this landing in my path. I hope to report back with results of
still feeling amazing. I know so many people suffering from lyme and
there is no hope for us within the western medicine realm. They dont
care about helping us find a cure. They care about long term antibiotics
and those have only proven to be ineffective for most of us. As well as
the CDC failing to recognize that there is such thing as chronic lyme.
From the bottom of my heart and soul….thank you,thank you, thank you.