Prolog from Dan- we have extensive science understanding how phase conjugate embedding in plasma coheres longitudinal emf– mechanism

of lucid dreaming, and clairvoyance.. and rejuvenation .. (centripetal negentropy) even of living space.
It is so great to work with Maira- here who is bringing us detailed personal reports…. (quoting her):

“Hello everyone,

I am Maira, living in Paris and co-owner (along with my mother) of a Theraphi Center in Greece. Recently (on April 2020) we celebrated our one-year Theraphi anniversarry! I have sent Dan a couple reports during this first year, but recently, while looking back at this year and seeing the whole picture, a thousand puzzle pieces suddenly came together to a very profound realisation of Theraphi’s capabilites and gifts. It went so beyond of what i was capable of understanding on a day to day basis that 1/3 of these ”tiny miracles” went either unnoticed or were overlooked as coincidences. The number of repetitions needed for this to be mathematically impossible has long been surpassed and this is the reason i put together the following report.

During this past year, we have tried a variety of different operating ways. Laying down, sitting up, 3′ intervals, 6′ intervals, 9′ intervals, with and without music, with and without mediation etc. I can’t say there is one that doesn’t work, all of them were pretty successful with a variety of results.

Even though we had many cases of physical healing that occurred by going on the plasma field, such as sciatica pain relief, back pain relief, better eyesight and also a breast cancer patient who avoided surgery with just four sessions on the Theraphi we had incredible, jaw droppping moments on an emotional, energetical and spiritual level. Dan explains that since our practice is more spiritual oriented and less medical, Theraphi has adapted to this idea.

Here are some of the highlights of these moments:

Let start by saying, that 90%of the patients that had a Theraphi session [even if it was once] they all reported feeling a strong connection to it. We found it funny how almost everyone had the instinctive response to treat the plasma field as a being.

This connection didn’t seem to be affected by distance as it appears to be ongoing. I was beyond happy to receive feedback from different people reporting that they also intuitively felt the need to connect with the plasma field in moments of need [ a lot of students used this during exams], all of them felt an intense feeling of bliss and reassurance just by mentally connecting to the field.

Then, as I have also mentioned in a previous report, there has been a selection of the people that would go on the plasma field that is beyond our understanding. It was as if we didn’t really have a say as to who gets to go on Theraphi and who doesn’t. People from all around Greece that didn’t really know about Theraphi [ we also have NOT advertised it ] felt guided to reach out to us. Yet, people to who we had talked to about Theraphi and wanted to try a session, never managed to actually do it. Even when they came to our office, something came up on their side and they had to leave and didnt have the time to do the session. The same person came 3 times, the first time he had to leave unexpectedly, the second time there was an electrical black out, and the third time a minor earthquake right the moment he was about to go in the Theraphi room.

In our experience, intention works great with Theraphi. And this has been our most magical finding. Many success stories were overlooked at the beginning as we made the mistake to not trace them back to the Theraphi. A series of events has been set in motion creating a huge web of actions and information that triggeredsolutions, healings and inner gifts to come to the surface in a lot of people.

[This furst part of the report, includes some examples of healing and solutions that were [most of the time miraculously] found for many people. The second part focuses on the awakening of people’s inner gifts, including my own personal experience. ]

Part ONE

One personal example I would like to give is the fact that we had the strong intention for the people coming to our practise to receivehealing. A parthnership with a medical bio chemist, that came to us out of nowhere has helped us achieve tremendous results combining Theraphi with natural peptide supplements. It was as if Theraphi attracted like a vortex the manifestation of our intention.

For example there was a 40 yo woman, who had both severe hormonal imbalances and had further developped auto immune diseases. Going on the plasma field, she had the intention of feeling better, and she did receive healing to a degree. After 5 sessions [on a 3 week span] she immediatelly started feeling better mentally, more hopeful and stronger. Her energy levels were higher than ever. And most of the side effects of the treatments she was undergoing, dissappeared withing a week from her first session. On the 5thsession, her intention changed as she felt she needed guidance and help concerning her treatments as she had now developped further symptoms of her auto-immune disease [leukoplakia]. A couple days later, combining Theraphi, advice from our bio chemist parthner on a detox theraphi PLUS putting the supplements on the plasma field as well, she had a 100% remission of her auto immune disease.Doctors couldn’t believe it and she even received a call from the hospital where they were trying to understand the sudden remission! They weren’t expecting a remission at all and had adviced her to book a further biopsy, along with a new page long treatment of corticosteroids.

Another example, is that of a young girl of 16 years old, whose mestrual cycle hadn’t started yet. After many doctor’s appointments and a few unsuccessful treatments with hormonal pills, her mother brought her in for her first session on the Theraphi. She had one session of 3′ on – 3 off- 3’on. All we asked her to do was put her hand on her heart and just stay focused on what she wanted with happy feelings. Five days later, she got her period for the first time. She keeps telling the story, happier than ever, of how magical her experience was. It is worth noting, that after her first session and before her period started, she reports experiencing an intense feeling of joy and an inner reassurance that her issue has been taken care of.

An 88yo female, almost deaf to both ears and with constant ringing, after her first session she reported that the ringing went down from a 9 to a 7. Meanwhile, as she couldn’t come visit us often since she was living quite far, we proposed to put her ear medication on the plasma field instead and send it back to her.To our greatest surprise, she called us a week ago to let us know that ever since her Theraphi session and using the plasma charged medication, she has been feeling much better and also experiencing a strong connection to the plasma field during the day. This was confirmed by her doctor about a week ago as she was incredibly happy to report that hearing came back to her right ear unexpectedly, much to the doctor’s surprise!

Even when Theraphi doesn’t seem to do anything, it actually does by creating a domino like effect, that eventually bring forward the tools and the information needed for success. Like for example, my own thyroid issues, have been affecting both my weight and hormones. Through the years I have tried numerous treatments but without long lasting success. Ever since Theraphi arrived in my life, everything on that matter has changed. And now I am able totrace it all back to the plasma field.The people, the information, the peptide supplements and even charging my thyroid pills on the plasma field have had tremendous results! Finally both my thyroid and hormonal issues are regulated and this is the longest I have been without complications.

Part TWO

This part is my personal favorite. Theaphi has been magical when it comes to revealing inner gifts, raising awareness and unexplainably shedding light to many people’s life purpose.

People have beenexperiencing a different kind of reality.

We had numerous cases, where people reported having completely lost the sense of time while on the field. Almost all of them [especially the past 6 months, since the beginning of 2020] have changes in perception, intense dreams, relationship changes and experiencing synchronicities.

A woman told us [ a bit scared] that since her last Theraphi sessionsshe started seeing auras around things and people.She also often goes to church and has reported that her church experience has never been the same since. She feels that , I quote, ”everything feels innerconnected and the feeling of love is intense to a level that has never been before’‘.

We have also noticed a pattern, most of the people who have had this kind of Theraphi effects, also report gaining a ”brighter” eyesight. I mentionned before people seeing better, that usually is true for those who have had a more physical healing experience. Those with the more spiritual reports, specificallyreported seeing brighter, as if the color contrast and saturation of the world changed.[ At least, 12 people reported this]

One of our most jaw dropping moments was when people who recently have lost loved ones would come to see us, again without knowing why.Could it be possible that they were guided?

A man who lost his wife, along with his son who lost his mother came to see us on a Monday. Talking with them, we realised they lost their wife and mother on Saturday, just 2 days earlier. They explained having heard about us from someone they knew and they felt an urge to come to our practise even thoughthey had no clue what is we’re doing or about Theraphi. They both went on the plasma field and reported having felt intensely the presence of their lost loved one.That gave them reassurance and joy, so much that after talking to them a few months later told us that the grief process turned around completely.

The same thing has happened at least 9 timesin this past year. Always the same pattern. Someone who lost a loved one, most of the times less than a month ago, and who heard about us, booked a sessionwith no or little understanding of what we were doing, and ended up on the plasma field where they felt connected to their loved ones. And of course life ( or their grief process) wasn’t the same afterwards.

Another pattern we noticed is also a sudden awareness awaking. Maybe it sounds a bit cliché, but seeing it happening in front of your eyes is quite interesting. On the plasma field they felt bliss which would usually last, based on their feedback around 48 hours. Then at least 7 different cases, reported suddenly going through a small period of re evaluating their life and life choices. How I understood it from their description, was as if they started tonaturally gravitate towards other type of things/people/situations which led them to reconsidertheir current life choices and act upon them. To some people that would occur within one Theraphi session, to some other within 7 or 8.

Another funny pattern, when Theraphi goes on BIRDS START SINGING!!! Every single time the Theraphi lights up, birds start singing outside the Theraphi’s room window. As we slowly tune it down to turn it off, birds follow the same rhythm and stop singing completely once the plasma field is off. As if that isn’t magical enough by itself, when we participated on a remote collective theraphi session of a group of people during lockdown, collecting feedback from those who participated, 15 of the participants [out of 21] reported having lost focus from the audio at some point [ there was a recorded guided meditation playing at the same time] because birds suddenly started singing very loudly outside their windows. Most of them, living in the center of Athens, have never heard birds singing outside their windows before.

Another interesting fact: our practise is a renovated appartment but in a quite old, not so aesthetically pleasing and big building. This building has been exactly the same for the past 25 years. Ever since Theraphi has arrived, withing 9 months, suddenly everything and everyone aligned and agreed and the building received a complete make over. New entrance, it got painted and polished, new elevator, plants everywhere... it almost didnt feel like real life seeing all of this happening out of the blue!

Feeling sceptical?

Diagonally of our building, there is a big telecom company. On the top of this building there is a huge 4G (or 3G, not sure) antenna. Tenants of the area have for years worried about the effects of this antenna, a lot of complaining, requests to be taken down, people bringing specialists to measure radiation etc.

The tenants of the highest floors and the ones closer to the antenna have reported seeing dead birds often next to the antenna throughout the years. A month after Theraphi’s arrival and for the first time ever this happened:

<  The BIRDS RETURNED .. in spite of the antenna!

Finally, I myself, have been experiencingintense lucid dreaming experiences ever since going on the plasma field. I keep having”learning experiences” through these dreams. Also, every since I started going on the plasma, was as if for the next month or soI would discover something new, or develop further an inner gift. Like communicating with ancestors or developping claircognizance. Theraphi has also helped me develop further a deeper understanding of things. A couple days ago I experienced a profound understanding of fractal energy through a lucid dreaming experience after a session with Theraphi. On one specific Theraphi session, I kept hearing a humming sound coming from the plasma tubes. I tried to remain calm but got too excited and moved and then it dissapeared.

On another session, sitting lower than usual, and the tubes were on the sides of my head, I had my eyes open and I would see all kinds of lights and shapes dancing in front my eyes and for a moment I started seeing the inside of the cupboard in front of me. Again got too excited and lost my focus.

Last but not least, this past week, while my mother was on the plasma field and both me and her were using the ‘Healing code” technique at the same time during the session, I opened my eyes for a second to see the tubes glowing brighter than ever before! Since this incident, every single person that had a Theraphi session has reported experiencing their most intenste session so far! Dan made some suggestions as to what this could be, will look into it, try out a few things and put together a new report soon!

To sum up, I think Theraphi is something way bigger that what we have actually understood so far and its true potential go beyond our imagination. I hope this report helps other Theraphi owners identify patterns that they might have missed or overlooked as coincidences. I tried to include most of the highlights and patterns noticed and I hope this wasn’t too tiring to read. I am available for anyone interested in more information, more details on the different techniques we have used on Theraphi, on lucid dreaming, a specific case or anything I can help with! My email