“Dear Dan and Paul, …Hope you are doing great..
I’m getting back to you with a first round or reports from Theraphi! We have been working a lot, experimenting with different time sessions, positions, by distance sessions etc. I wanted to get back to you with the most solid reports possible! 

So far, approximately 37-40 people (including my family) have been on the Theraphi. We didn’t advertise it immediately, as we wanted to first test drive it ourselves and with some people of confidence. Much to our surprise though, it was as if Theraphi itself “chose and called” people to our place! Clients, or even family members that knew all about it, didn’t really want to try it ( or when they did, a million things happened keeping them from actually being able to come to their session), and at the same time out of the blue, people we havent seen in ages or unknown people contacted us (not knowing about Theraphi) and asked for a session, turned out they all were perfect cases to go on the plasma field! 

SO, here are a few of the success cases:
My dog, 3yo, broke her canine tooth, and the nerve of the tooth was exposed. Before we realise it was her tooth, she passed three days sleeping, not eating and seeming in pain. Once we knew, we did a by distance session of 9on-12off-9on using her hair. The session happened one evening at 16:00, by 17: 30 we had a different dog in front of us! She woke up, started playing and chewing on her toys !!! She also ate and seemed back to normal. We however took her to the vet to make sure everything was ok, and to our surprise, he said that the nerve of the tooth was not exposed anymore. I wish we had taken a before an after photo of her tooth as the nerve was visible at first!

Male, 41 yo, with psoriasis all over his body, especially the arms. He has two sessions (9 on- 9off-9on-9off-9on) with a 3 weeks distance between the sessions. After the second session, the psoriasis, especially around the elbows was noticeably different. The patient has also been working with alternative energetic healing himself.

Female, 65 yo, she hasn’t been able to hear from her right ear the past 25 years and on the left ear the auditory capacity is about 40%, at the same time she experiences a ringing sound inside her ears all the time,  after a sessions of 9on – 9off -9on, and a lot of energetic support work, she called a couple days later to let us know that even though her ear condition wasn’t improved, she heard once what she described as a gentle “crack” sound on the right ear, and that she was feeling more energised and with less phobias. ( Phobia work via Neurolinguistic Programming had also been done on her) 

Female, 27 yo (myself), autoimmune Hashimoto disease and polycystic ovaries syndrome, after more than 10 sessions in total during my trips back home ( some were 9on-9off-9on and some 9on-9off-9on-9off-9on) during these past 4 months, the first two months I had what the doctors called as atypical menstrual cycles ( has never happened before) the third month a perfectly synchronised menstrual cycle (I was doing sessions at the time as I was back home)  and on a routine examinations, the polycystic syndrome seemed to has toned down, as the ovaries had a more smooth surface on the echo according to the gynaecologist. Unfortunately, since coming back to France, the atypical menstryal cycles continues, but I will persist with the sessions as I have complete faith to the plasma field. 

Female 66 yo, with intense coughing and pain on her arm due to carpal syndrome, after two months of sessions ( 9on-9off-9on-9off and sometimes and extra 9′ on with a 7-10 days gap between sessions every time) said the coughing first got worse but then got better at about 70% and the carpal syndrome pain was for the biggest part of her day gone, unless she really tired her arms. 

Now, even though they don’t have interest as separate cases, I have to say that we did notice that the plasma field worked in perfect harmony with the energetic healing practices of my mother and I ( I mostly use neurolinguistic programming), I personally felt my clairvoyance become so much more intense and precise and that has been a huge factor for my work both here in France and in Greece. Even thought we didn’t have anybody reporting that “bliss” feeling we were expecting, we did notice a lot of shifts on people’s perspective about their own problems or life in general. Amazing synchronicities have happened to many clients, varying from small stuff like for example leaving from our office late for something and while getting out of the door receiving an sms informing them a change in time, to bigger stuff such as legal issues getting resolved out of the blue. We had so so many of them! …
At this point I have to tell you that Theraphi is loved as a member of our family ( and surprisingly many clients instictively treat it like an intelligent creature, thanking it afterwards), and we have created a sacred space, completely dedicated to the plasma field. There is absolutely no metal inside, everything is wood and natural organic material. ……. Warmly, Maira Papalabros from Greece


below we add also some new Theraphi photos from Michael Obeck in Hawaii-  useful experiments in situating the plasma field in living environments (where living plasma can thrive!).