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I am Christopher Sevilla, doctor in chiropractic since 2004. I have essentially practiced in Paris and now in Normandy, France. I also have a general engineering degree. I also have few patterns on UAV’s robotic and a tool for health care. 

I purchased and found the Theraphi because I am passionate by the work of Antoine Priore. My goal is to reproduce it. The Theraphi is to the present day the closest tool that approaches the potential of Priore healing tool. You can appreciate on the picture below the setup of my office before I made accessories that you’ll see later in this publication. 

In this blog page at first I will list you the experience I had with some of my patients. Also  see below  – the adjustable new swivel arm bracket system I now offer for Theraphi  centers.

I. Personal experience 

My first Theraphi experience was at Perpignan in 2017 with Dan when I purchased my Theraphi. I was impressed by the formulas and the understanding of Dan Winter, the Theraphi is an innovating tool and it was well built with a very good core concept, thanks to Paul Harris too. When I lay down and was exposed to the Theraphi tubes light and resonance, I felt like something really deemed and unhurt full was happening. It was not as strong as I expected it to feel. I imagined a totally recharged and rejuvenated body after few minute of exposure, but it was not my experience. Well science fiction is not for today yet. I further understood in my practice that the Theraphi can help to charge all your cells to their maximum potential at that time, but it won’t change you into a super hero  . Although, it was proven with the blood test that the Theraphi not only charges the cells to their maximum potential but it also stimulate the physiologies of the body. Are those two actions related? Well yes, I believe so. 

II. Chiropractic Office experience with the Theraphi 

Few definitions: 

A sequence is the time of patient exposure in minutes with tube on and tube off, ex: 15 on /5 off 

A session is one sequence. All lights and electric tools are turned off during sessions. 

Rules and setup 

I like to diffuse music with a healing frequency in order to relax the patient. 

Dan recommended to stay away from the patient during sessions unless you want to combine manual treatment with the Theraphi. I believe, it is important to keep the distance for few potential reasons. Theraphi diffuse a continuous flow and interact with the vibration of it’s surrounding by giving more or less power. So the potential of the Theraphi depends on where it is operated. So everything capable to absorb stock static electricity and absorb electro-magnetic field, like your body does, should be taken away from the Theraphi treating zone. (Metal, wires, power source anything that send a signal or vibrate by itself). It is not recommended to do the treatment bare feet. I did do the experience and few times it happened that I got a  static shock between my finger and the patient’s skin. 

You can do it bare-feet or with shoes and actions on the patient are different from my experience. So my recommendations in order to prevent electric shock are as follow. At first, you do have to make sure your AC power source is well grounded. Second, you have to ground your-self in order to discharge your body from his electric charge and should be isolated from the ground for the first contact with the patient. You can then go bare foot if you’d like but you should maintain contact with the patient. The conclusion is that with the Theraphi when you do hand manipulation on the patient the critical part is when you keep a small space of air for a long period of time between your hand and the patient skin and you reestablish contact. The difference of potential will increase slowly and it will discharge at sometimes. For example if you are floating your hand for sometimes above the patient’s body and then you approach slowly his skin with the tip of one of your finger, you’ll have more chance to experience a little electrical shock. If you want to experience it, they are no danger except the little sting. It could be a new kind of acupuncture ;). I’ll work on it  

Pay attention during session: 

(since a slight change in impedance is normal as patient relaxes – occasionally a slight adjust of the tuning dial- to keep max brightness is useful)

Session, sequence and exposure: 

I have two kinds of patients, the one coming for chiropractic and the one coming for the Theraphi. The sequence of exposure I use is 10 to 15 on/5off. I barely experimented the 9/3 or 3/3. I made this choice of exposure because I wanted to give the more I could to my patient’s. And the limits of Dan’s tube are not well known. Are they too strong? Not strong enough? Does small periods of exposure gives different reaction than longer period of exposure? I have noticed by me willing to over expose my patient that the patients were not all able to stay lying down for 3 to 4 hours. I use this sequence 15 on/ 5 off for all adult’s patient. I do one to two sessions for my chiropractic patients. I use the Theraphi as an anti-inflammatory and healing treatment for joint, nerves or organs. It is totally experimental and exciting. 

For the patient who made a long run to come see the Theraphi, I proposed 10 sessions of 10-15 on/ 5 to 10 off. The patient can decide to make a break. Rarely are the patient that can stand 3 to 4 hours without moving (estimated to be 1% ), that’s why most people take a break every 2 or three sessions (estimated to be 81% ), and only 18% of my patient could do 5 sessions in a row. 

Patient Case Study 

– Patient is a Caucasian Female 16 years old, 1m72 and 58 Kg basket player. Vital signs: 60BPM and blood pressure seated was 90/60 Hg which is normal for her age and size. X-rays presented a reduced cervical curvature and motion. She was suffering of chronic fatigue since her tension headache set in 8 month ago. She couldn’t even go to school anymore. She also could not heal with any conventional treatment. Aspirin like treatment and muscle relaxant treatment were just only a partially efficient treatment. 

o I did a daily treatment for two weeks; the first week was just cervical traction with a new tool from MEDIMAT in Israel and chiropractic adjustment. The patient felt a little better with her tension headache but the fatigue was still here on the fourth day. The fifth and sixth day I did Theraphi: 10 minutes on and 5 minutes off, three times in a row. She felt totally energized and healed at the end of the sixth day so after only two day of treatment with the Theraphi. The following week we maintained the cervical traction and the Theraphi treatment. She was symptoms free for 7months before only neck pain came back but no more fatigue. 

– Patient is a Caucasian Female of 48 years old. She has multiple sclerosis and she was in a crisis period. I decided to let here use the tube at her place in order to see if she can get better. She had to do a 10 on /5 off three times every day. She said it was to convenient for her to do it on a daily basis with all the kids to manage. She also had to wait for her husband to come home and turn it on because she was to worried to manipulate it herself. So she stopped after a while although she did feel a little better for some days after exposure. I let her have the Theraphi for almost 8 months and she used it during the first three month on a regular bases. The first month is was at least an exposure every three days. The following 2 month she did it only one time a week. Then she stopped using the Theraphi. 

– Patient is a Caucasian Female 43 years old, 1m58 and 51.4Kg school teacher, physically active. Vital Signs were normal 65 BPM and 100/70. She was victim of a car accident being pregnant at the age of 23 Years-old with multiple pelvic and pubic bone fractures. The remaining symptoms after her healing was a permanent residual pain along her left sciatic nerve down to here little toe. She also had loss her skin sensation on S1 dermatome. The neurosurgeon indicated that it was caused by a mechanical compression injury directly onto the sciatic nerve. So twenty years later the patient still feel the symptoms and she grade the pain at 4/10 always and sometimes 6/10, not present every night and it get worse when she is pregnant. She is symptoms free in the morning. After few years at night her leg goes in spasm with her not being able to control it. 

o The patient has her back freely moveable with no restriction of motion. The Pelvis was a little twisted by the unaligned healing wound. Pain Killer or anti-inflammatory treatment had no effect on her symptoms only morphine like treatment was efficient. She has rarely back pain and when it happens it goes away rapidly by chiropractic treatment. But her neurological symptoms remain. 

o Her first exposure was just about 10 minutes. She felt nothing special during the exposure. Her sensation of pain set in that night and her uncontrolled leg was active. In the morning, she had the sensation that her skin became sensitive again on the S1 dermatome but did not last longer than few days. 

o Few months later the patient came back for treatment. The patient apprehended to feel again the pain at her leg. Her second exposure was 3 times 10 minutes with a 5 minutes break. Like last time, she felt her leg pain and spasm that night. Dermatomes came back for few weeks with a better feeling of pressure and controlled foot. 

o Same patient came back for treatment. She suffered of a chronic fatigue with a chronic sinusitis and a runny nose (origin unknown, it may be allergies). The condition started 6 month prior to the visit. Nothing helped her, so she tried antibiotics and it barely worked. During treatment she had less runny nose but it came back once the treatment stopped. She followed a corticosteroid nasal spray treatment and it is efficient for her and easy to use. We tried with the Theraphi and it appeared to be the only treatment with cortisone like treatment that worked efficiently. After 3 times 10 minutes on with 5 minutes off, she was symptoms free for 2 weeks before it came back again. 

– Patient is a 44 years old woman, 1m78, 68 Kg; vital signs were normal 70 BPM, 110/80. She has a history of professional hand ball player. She then suffered of a hip joint pain due to her intense training. After 20 years the erosion of her hip joint cartilage was about 75% loss of thickness from the x-ray estimation. She could feel the pain after short walk or just by standing. The patient does not want hip surgery today and she hopes to last the longest time possible with her hip prior to surgery. 

o Motion of the hip was hard due to tension in the hip muscular group. The hip Joint became painful at the end of the range of motion and more acute in adduction with internal rotation and abduction with external rotation. 

o Deep Muscular massage and muscular relaxing technique was applied and the patient regained a more freely motion on her hip. The pain on pressure and walking was still present. 

o We applied Theraphi for a three day period treatment. The first day patient was exposed 15 minutes on and 5 minutes off 3 times. The following day, she was exposed 15 minutes on and 5 minutes off 10 times. The last day she was exposed 15 on/ 5off 4 times. The patient felt a light sensation in her hip during treatment. It was as if more activity like a higher blood flood focused in her inflamed region. The patient came back for 10 times cession. The difference was really noticeable and she felt better with longer walk and fewer pains. The patient excitement conducted her to purchase a Theraphi. 

– Patient is a 65 years old woman, 1m58, 52Kg, vital signs 55BPM and 115/85 Osteopath curious to experiment the Theraphi and willing to take care of herself. She also went under surgery for a weakening of her pelvis floor and a dropping of her genital organs. Since the surgery, she has a feeling of something is remaining inside her. This assumption was later confirmed by a medical imagery indicating the remaining of a forgotten bandage. The surgeon assumed it will deteriorate and did not engage removal of the alien body. The patient is annoyed sometimes by a remaining pain in her lower abdomen (5/10) 

o We first took care of her spine by chiropractic 

o I then let her experience the day treatment with 10 times 15on/5off. 

o She felt all the point of inflammation in her body working and especially one around her lower abdomen medial to her ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine). 

o Protocol: Some cessions she was alone and some other I was with her working with my hand on her internal organ. At the sixth cession the patient had to go to the toilette and she told me that her body as expelled a thick ball of mucous like secretion between hard and soft. It came out of her genital part. At this time she revealed me feeling like, she got healed in her lower abdomen, and she had the sensation that what she ejected was some part of the bandage. Well, that could not be verified since it ends up directly in the toilette, but I have learned that the visualization of your healing is key, so why not — at least she felt released. 

– I talked a few months ago over the phone to an owner of the Theraphi. He healed himself from leukemia with the Theraphi and few other tools. He is over 50 years old and he was diagnosed in august 2019 and he purchased the Theraphi in September 2019. He did a daily exposure at 9on/3off, 3 times in a row once or 3 times per day. He reported me that sometimes by falling asleep; he stayed accidently all night between the tubes. He felt strong enough to go run in February of 2020. He could run regularly the equivalent of a marathon between Marchs through April. Today, he is still felling really well. He stopped running in May 2020 and he feels safe about his future. On the other hand, his medical analyses were stable but not good enough for him to be able to go outside, and live the life he was living. According to his medical result, his cancer markers were as high as they were in august. So he is stable but he not healed. The medical team believed that he had to stay confined because of his white bloods cells. They were still very low. So they were amazed by all the running and exposure; he was going through without getting ill. 


III. Proposal for adjustable SWIVEL ARMS- for Theraphi 

As you know the Theraphi comes with a great design for the controller but to my taste the coil’s box and the tube’s support can be greatly improved. I had a hard time to experiment with the tube being just sitting on his support. I could not focus easily the tube ray on specific spot or with specific angled alignment on my patient. So I came out with a arm design that allow me to safely position the tube or the patient in any position I could imagine. 

So I dimension a set of arm for my Theraphi room that is 2,9 meters high. It works perfectly and offers great comfort and design. When you setup the patient with the arms set it is really practical. The patient can be lying down on the ground or on a table or seated or standing, so any position can be achieved. And the best part is that you can also focus the tubes ray on any parts of the patient either parallel to the ground or with a specific angle. 

We offer either a clear wood color or any color of your choice. 

I offer the complete set of arms Theraphi adjustable tube mounting system (at 2.5 meter ceiling) for 1 800 €- including shipping . We will propose a set of arm that is designed according to your room ceiling up to 4 meters of height. Price may vary along with the ceiling height of your room. 

The arms allow full range of motion for the tube on a single plan. 

(optionally We are working on a ground base stand for the tubes that can be carried for home treatment or seminar events. It will be either on one large two base support with a fixation on the top of the arms or a two ground base stand that can be easily transported..)

In conclusion to this publication, I strongly believe that the Theraphi is a great tool and open a new era in lights, wave and electrical care. It is a safe and non-harmful tool for you or your patient. With the Theraphi the most risk you have is to get better ;). 

Goodbye and on my side I will continue to use the Theraphi and improve it with my resource and imagination along with the agreement of Dan and Paul. 


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