Jan 17, 2019- From: lauren Somero <Lsomero---->
Subject: Testimonials Post for Theraphi
"I am 23 year old woman who has always struggled with PCOS  ( Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome) and about three month ago I had grown a cyst that was 99% out of 100% volume about to rupture and  i know someone in Connecticut who has the Theraphi device and she put me on four days with one session with the Theraphi machine pointed on my Ovaries   when i had gone back to the doctor to see how big the cyst was she was amazed in ONE week my cyst went down half the size.. she said it normally takes 4-6 weeks for a cyst to be gone. i was only ONE week in and it was halfway gone, when i went back four weeks later (had done 5 more treatments in that time frame) my cyst was COMPLETELY gone. I was amazed but knew that Theraphi would make the cyst go down in size which had happened within one week! I was in so much pain before she had put me on the table for my treatment and when i got up it was easier for me to move and alleviate a lot of my pain i had been experiencing."