Theraphic Alchemy: Plasma Rejuvenation from and

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(July 24) Using Breakthru BIOFEEDBACK – – and -with HRV / EEG / and Theraphi

THE most beautiful ideas- IN the most beautiful PLACE!

South France Conference – Perpignan / Prades July 21-25, 2017 (for English speakers)

with Dan Winter, Paul Harris & Patrick Botte (Biofeedback day- – July 24), and Teresa Burns PhD., and Alan Moore (program listing preliminary)

New announcement – PARIS event follow up – July 27-28-29 – there will also be a follow-up conference in Paris- (for French speakers) with Paul, Dan and Patrick speaking

Update note: May 4 – The block of rooms we reserved for this Prades event are all booked- but there are a few more places in the conference – if you find our own lodging.



Primary conference venue: (above) – directions also at links. Secondary venue -7 min. walk- (additional rooms) : (below)


Program: (all events at primary Venue- Castell Rose)

Primary conference language: English-

Conference Program:
Arrive Fri. July 21, 4-5 pm- check in- go out to dinner (not included)- – then
Welcome party included with beverage and snacks- begins 7:30-8pm – til 9pm – at main venue.

Saturday July 22, Breakfast at lodging- 8:30am
Conference OPENING meeting, welcome- orientation 9:30am

10:00am Paul Harris (Theraphi team primary technology leader) :
History and deep science of plasma healing: Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky, Priore
Paul discusses his life long history in frequency and plasma based healing technology – and how this beautifully set the stage for THERAPHI.

11:30am – Break (tea and ‘crumpets’)

12:00 noon- Paul Harris – continued: Theraphi plasma work in practice- introduction to the hardware, practical application, and summary of many users reports.

Includes time to work with the new THERAPHI system- mounted righted in the beautiful adjoining room- right on the mountain energy line.

1:00 pm – LUNCH – served on the beautiful deck- overlooking the most stunning mountain view ever.

2pm-3pm – Rest- free time- Pool- Tennis- Walk in the Park/ Watch the Mountain- Trampoline- Fun time.

3:00pm: Dan Winter:
Understanding the wave science of NEGENTROPY- in Plasma. Graphic Visual approach- (lifetime of our best animations/ multimedia)
Fractal Field theory – starting with the basics- leading to the breakthru physics.

4:20pm BREAK

4:30pm- Dan Winter- Practical APPLICATIONS of NEGENTROPY / FractalField theory.
How we applied implosion / alchemy to plasma rejuvenation- and future of IMPLOSION Science:
ENERGY, HEALING, REMOTE ENERGY and HEALING, ‘STARGATES/WORMHOLES” Shemanic Implications- and Global Synchronized HEALING Apprication.

6:00 pm- BREAK

7:00 pm- Beautiful group DINNER on the DECK.

8:30 pm- 9:30 pm- Teresa Burns PhD. (Historian and Professor)- and Alan Moore: “Steering Plasma Tornados with Focused Intention”
Introduction and comparison- Plasma Science- to Deep Enochian / Ophanim Magic – including the real serious historical study of the JOHN DEE -science embedded in SHAKESPEARE
Evening concludes with Magical Angelic HARP Musics with Alan Moore- who is serious clairvoyant craftsman of deep Golden Dawn/ Angelic Ritual.



Sunday July 23. Breakfast at lodging 8:30am

Conference Center 9:30am : Meet – Chat- Review Yesterday and Introduce todays themes- open dialog. (Theraphi sessions offered often throughout the day)

10:00am: Paul Harris:
Introduction to and Deep History of REAL ALCHEMY- from Rich Esoteric History – to the Current REAL PRACTICAL USEFUL EXAMPLES of HANDS ON ALCHEMY- with Paul- a world leader in this field.

HOW and WHY does the ALCHEMIC – recombining the distilled essence of the oil, the matter, and the charge of the plant subatance- produce a REAL FUSION REACTION- and what does this tell us about practical FUSION and IMPLOSION.

11:30 am- BREAK – (tea / crumpets)

12 Noon: Paul Harris, Dan Winter- other tech team members present- panel discussion- Breakthrus in new energy technology – from our current team on Implosion Science and Conjugate Fractal Fields.
Connection between centripetal forces in ENERGY /FUSION science- to breakthru’s in AGRICULTURE- ( – from Restored Centripetal Forces- like agricultural ORMES-.. and other monoatomics/ Effective Microorganisms and more.



1:00pm: Beautiful Lunch on the Deck

2:00pm BREAK- enjoy the magical surroundings / rest.

3:00pm: Dan Winter
Deep historical revelations from Spiritual and Esoteric History – in the new light of the longitudinal physics of plasma science:
“Stargate Science” behind John Dee and Shakespeare- and actual ALCHEMY.
Physics of Sacred ARK, physics of HOLY GRAIL, physics of Fire Crystal/ Tuoai Stone/ Girku/ Silmarillion
Actual possible destiny of humans to meaningfully project their plasma aura- thru the Sun- and thus evolve into stellar beings.
IS plasma projection / physics of new propulsion actually revealing by the conjugate physics of ancient letters- and how does this replace transportation technology AND teach us lucid dream/ after death plasma navigation.

4:20 pm- BREAK

4:30 pm- Dan Winter- with Teresa Burns PhD: New SCIENCE Reveals- Deep HISTORICAL Interpretaion of Spiritual History: What does the new information about HERMES Cadduceus BEING Phase Conjugate Plasma science- tell us about ENKI- and the “ET ORIGINS OF DNA” (Dan Winter)– leading to Dr Teresa Burns: What do the apparent re-incarnations of Edward Kelley /vs John Dee – vs Vincent Bridges “Thru the Veil” sacred skills- vs the new meaning of science in the SHAKESPEARE story- tell us about- turning points in history created by breakthru’s in understanding plasma science.

6:00 pm BREAK

6:30 pm – Beautiful Dinner on the Deck.

8:00 pm: Synchronized GLOBAL HEALING THERAPHI MEDITATION- with Theraphi Centers around the globe
Synchronized online with – and
This is a sequel to ..

8:30- 9:30 PM- International – ONLINE- Open shared Thereaphi plasma- story telling- ALL invited– – with background sweet Angelic Harp Music from Alan Moore.



Monday- July 24: “BIOFEEDBACK for Healing/ Evolution of Consciousness” Day
(all biofeedback actual experiences offered apply directly to measuring THERAPHI response as well – HRV and EEG)
8:30 am – Breakfast at lodging

9:30 am- Meet at Conference Venue- Open discussion and review, Q&A – from yesterday’s presentations.

10:00 am: Dan Winter

History of Heart Coherence and Brain Coherence and Brainwave Bliss Biofeedback- visual review of HeartLink, HeartTuner, HeartsRing, and now – intros with lots of visuals.

10:30 am: Patrick Botte: – Patrick is our main programmer of , . , and
Patrick is a lifetime- perhaps world expert in : Sacro-Cranial Therapy (Osteopathic background), he is expert in HRV and Heart Biofeedback, Breath entrainment, – he is expert in TOMATIS ® Harmonic therapy,
he is deeply experienced in applying BINAURAL BEAT Audio feedback- to trigger HRV / Heart coherence, and NOW- Patrick will be DEMONSTRATING our EEG –
This morning however is focused on HOW HRV / Heart biofeedback works- applying it to the 3 Major APPS at itHRVe for SacroCranial Measure, itHRVe for CHAKRAS measure, and new : itHRVe- for STRESS REDUCTION.

12:00 Short break- then PATRICK BOTTE- and Dan Winter- offer – EXPERIENCING HEART/ HRV Biofeedback with
TRY the 4 difference sensors: Chest Strap (long term sleep analysis), Finger Clip (includes Blood Oxygen and Breath Feedback) , Ear Clip (super comfortable), and even just with the iPhone camera light sensing your pulse.

TESTING your heart HRV -WITH THE THERAPHI- can you measure the Theraphi induced Spine Liquid STILLPOINT – Healing turning point. Sacral Cranial Zero point- measurement with itHRVE-vs MAYER WAVE and .1hz HRV LF.

1:00pm Beautiful lunch on the Deck

2:00pm – BREAK- last chance- enjoy the beautiful parks and playthings at both venues.

3:00pm- Patrick Botte and Dan Winter – (first we finish the HRV Heart biofeedback discussion then..)
Introduction to BRAINWAVE BIOFEEDBACK- – first review of BRAINWAVE BLISS SCIENCE- BlissTuner – from Dan Winter- THEN PATRICK BOTTE presents all new!!

See MUSE- wireless brainwave headset transmit to iPhone / iPad / IOS- see how alpha brainwave and serious meditation science is measured.
See how binaural beats well designed can CREATE BLISS/ ENTRAINMENT- measured in EEG- with and MUSE!


4:30 pm Short Break- followed by – Patrick Botte- and Dan Winter-
Deep discussion about advanced meditation and healing techniques with HRV/ and EEG biofeedback- including intro to remote viewing/ astral projection vs BINAURAL beat brainwave physics.
Comparison to TOMATIS- (with Patrick)- and pointing toward a deep shamanic science of plasma control / tornado steering – with Biofeedback empowerment.

6:00pm BREAK

7:00pm – Final Closing Celebration DINNER on the Deck

8:30 pm- Open Discussion- lets discuss the future of energy healing- and creating planetary education with new insights and tools!.. and farewell.

Closing Harp Music and meditation.




Monday: July 25: Breakfast at lodging- final farewells- and departure.

We can provide some advice and help – for groups wishing to tour- ‘grail country’ South France- after the conference- we have lots of experience

Transport: Suggest arrive Perpignan July 21 daytime (cheap flights from London on Ryanair- or fast 90min. train from Barcelona – or 5hr supercomfortable TGV from Paris)

From Perpignan Airport- let us know your arrival- we will arrange pickups July 21- generally between 1-7 pm- – and drop off return July 25 leaving venue AM.

OR- quick taxi to Perpignan Train Station (Reasonable car rental – EuropCar at Perpignan Train Station and Airport)
From Perpignan GARE Train: (arriving from Barcelona or Paris): the regular 35 min. trains to PRADES cost 1 Euro. ( Train info ,

From Prades Train station to venue: let us know your arrival time- or- venue is pleasant 12-15 min.walk. (Venue addresses at links above).



Cost/ Registration: This conference is sponsored by Implosion Group Australian – and Theraphi Australia-

Conference Cost Total (includes virtually unlimited time trying Theraphi Plasma as well):
300 Euro- including all presentations, beautiful Lunch and Dinner 3 full days- July 22, 23 & 24- and welcome party on arrival evening- Fri. July 21. (arrival suggested after 4-5PM July 21- dinner not included – but after dinner welcome party is included. Departure by 11am on July 25)

Meals – Lunch and Dinner- included with conference cost- primarily beautiful vegitarian excellent food- with some options of mild fish / seafood- ( one evening is planned as wholistic pizza party with many options). Excellent breakfast is included for those choosing lodging option.

Update note: May 4 – The block of rooms we reserved for this Prades event are all booked- but there are a few more places in the conference – if you find your own lodging-see option B.

Lodging (separate from conference fee) – option A: we have reserved all the rooms at the beautiful primary venue above- and a limited block at 2nd venue (also amazing above)-

For this truly wonderful- but limited lodging rooms available-cost including- FOUR beautiful nights with Breakfast- is 240 Euro total based on 2 in a room

(single room person in a room- cost is double)- ROOMS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!! (sorry – these rooms are booked as of May 4)

Arrival after 4-5pm on July 21, Depart mid to late morning- July 25.

Lodging option B: find your own lodging- any fun place in Prades, 66500 France- or Perpignan (30 min.) – or as you like- and join us 9:30AM – each of 3 days- above with lunch and dinner finishing about 8PM- all included in basic conference registration. Lunch will start 12:30 to 1PM, Dinners 7PM.



Payment: confirm your reservation – 300 euro conference + 240 euro optional lodging to :

Payment options: Bank Transfer to Implosion Group Australia- or we send paypal request- which also takes Visa/MC (Paypal direct: You can also make your payment directly using the link: