Plasma and  DEEP SCIENCE of VISION-Dan’s Premier lecture for 2019- Frequency Key to Feed the Eyes..

Why do 30% of Theraphi Patients report SHARPENING OF VISION?

Fractal Charge Implosion – Key Frequencies


invited lecture by  Dan Winter    – 82min HD Film w/detailed slideshow attached

for – Nutrition and The EYE  – symposium,   University of Missouri – St.Louis

New -2021- Brainwaves and VISION-How Kids see WITHOUT Their Eyes:

International Ocular Wellness & Nutrition Society feature article/film about this Dan Winter lecture

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MAIN articles reference for this lecture- Fractal / Conjugate mechanisms of perception:

Companion Lecture: Fractal Conjugation:Principle of Zero Point Energy, Dan Winter keynote at Breakthru Energy Movement Int’l Conf.Amsterdam

See Dan Winter- BLOG

Measuring Brainwave Biofeedback – for Fractal Conjugation- Peak Perception/Vision (Bliss)

Fractal conjugate cause of gravity: 

Fractal conjugate cause of color: 

Fractal Implosion for BioActive Water:

Biologic Architecture- Measuring the Charge of Life:

Fractal implosion mechanism of successful death

Update May 2019-since this lecture has been so much in demand- we added the Conclusion Summary plus keyword slides from the actual university event here:

Postscript: “Turning INSIDE OUT PERFECTED – is…  “ Nassim’s latest  “dark matter is the effect of the proton’s interior energy or vacuum energy density at the proton scale. Similarly, when looking at the exterior energy available in terms of Planck voxels on the surface horizon of a spherical shell universe it was found to equate exactly with the critical density of the Universe without requiring the addition of dark matter and dark energy. “- finally agrees to replace the preposterous concept of dark matter- with the real cause of gravity- but the mechanism for that is far more precisely expressed as phase conjugate charge collapse due to golden ratio (which both Nassim and i agree has to be exactly tuned to planck scale) – image below here from my latest university lecture and power point: – the key is to recognize that ‘turning inside out’ symmetry perfected (the implosive charge compression named the gravity) is precisely the problem golden ratio phase conjugation to the planck threshold solves – background ( non destructive ‘self re-entry’ is simultaneously also specifically the wave mechanic origin of consciousness for the same reason – implosive charge collapse by phase conjugation to the planck threshold is the only possible origin of negentropy …… and subject of my new book )