Theraphi Preliminary Protocol Suggestions

-version- Dec 10, 2015, updates- March 19, 2016 –  also Theraphi protocol/manual update w/new setup film:

– Reminder the Theraphi system is basically a very sophisticated plasma array – which seems to have frequent amazing side effect benefits. It is experimental only. Increased circulation and stimulation are common- and overexposure is not helpful. You don’t touch the tubes or the wires. While we have had very numerous anecdotal reports of healing – while we set up more formal reporting – to be clear for now- we cannot make medical claims.

Theraphi is a bioactive plasma field device, modelled after the famous PRIORE device which was so successful against many diseases in France, particularly cancers and cysts. This being said – it is important to recognize the need for normal medical cautions associated with experimental treatments. The Theraphi is an experimental medical device operating at high voltages and currents and must be used only by experienced personal. Before allowing clients to experience the field it is a good idea to get a feel of setting up and operating the system.

With the Theraphi our knowledge of how this optical and electromagnetic ‘conjugate’ field accelerates metabolism and circulation- also suggests certain ‘indications and counter-indications’. For example- for people with slow metabolism- or with areas of low circulation and low feeling – Theraphi is often useful. But if people have high metabolism, or are manic, or notably over-reactive and nervous- we suggest proceed with caution (try a brief session first).

Conversely by testing it is often true that the device has more of a balancing effect, we have recently seen someone fall asleep while being in the field. So manic over reactive people can even calm down, perhaps slow metabolism. This probably relates to the observed tendancy of Theraphi – to induce a sacral cranial ‘still point’ – in the spine liquid pump. It is helpful to know WHAT a still point in the spine liquid pump means: for a sacral cranial healer- the spine liquid still point- is the turning point in the healing ‘crisis’. This is important logic- because if the Theraphi- according to our sacral cranial expert ( see , and note here our new app for measuring this effect! ) – consistently brings people to a spine liquid still point- this confirms the idea phase conjugation among waves IS the still point creation. The important principle to remember in sacral cranial healing terms- is that AFTER the spine liquid STOPS at still point- THEN it re-starts – WITH INCREASED PHASE CONHERENCE ( emerges from conjugate still point NEGENTROPICALLY). … circulation improved.

This underlies the basic principle behind Theraphi. The principle is that Phase Conjugate (centripetal or ‘fractal’) fields are CHARGE CIRCULATION PERFECTED- in principle. Circulation of charge and spin are enabled precisely around a conjugate/ fractal ‘still point’. There are many reasons why charge circulation idealized-helps create blood circulation- among them the simple idea that blood and DNA are simply biologic mechanisms or wave guides for he circulation of coherent charge fields. (Rather like saying- people were invented by water- because water wanted to organize it’s movements).

Circulation improvement also relates directly – to helping those who have a body part (hand or foot ) for example which has lost some feeling or is feeling numb. We have been able to help in many of those cases. This makes sense because charge circulation in an extremity is directly related to the nerves ability to circulate and conduct that charge.

The other key principle behind Theraphi- is fields which are centripetal (encouraging compression). It is intuitive that wound healing relates to restored compression- for anyone who has even pressed on a cut or wound. Compression is clearly the principle behind fields which are ‘phase conjugate’ and fractal. Therefore also any kind of uncontrolled growth (like a cyst or a tumor) would be the electrical opposite of restored compression. Like the classic case of our Canadian patient who had a cyst under their armpit preventing movement. One session was enough to restored movement- virtually without pain.

WHY Electrical FRACTALITY is the opposite of Pain: In our very clear charge physics model of pain ( electrically pain is fractality/compression which has been damaged /’wounded’ and is thus centrifugally bleeding charge. Thus it is quite simple yet compelling physics to say why restoring fractal electrical charge compression WILL reduce pain. In my personal experience most every person who tried Theraphi for localized pain got relief- and many if not most who use Theraphi for long term pain ALSO got relief. BUT – We need to be clear however that until we have more data- these are anecdotal cases- which await thorough clinical trials.

Protocol outline

The wires between the big Tesla resonator coil box connecting to the plasma tubes- DO contain VERY high voltage- Warn the patient carefully to stay WELL away from the wires- and NOT to touch the plasma tubes (altho you can get within inches of the tubes to feel the effect). Obviously the plasma tubes are fragile (and expensive!).

1.Interview Theraphi user:

NO person should enter within the Theraphi field (within 4-8 feet) – who has any electronic device inside- or on their body. The plasma field of the key noble gas tubes is triggered by approximately a half million volts- to produce the potent bioactive centripetal conjugate field. Nicola Tesla started a long tradition of people using high voltage ‘corona discharge’ type fields for healing. This has continued thru Lakhovsky- and Priore/ Theraphi. In those days- they did not have mobile phones, cameras and watches- which are CLEARLY messed up by the high voltage fields. AGAIN- NO ONE who has internal electronics- (like Pacemaker etc.)- should get anywhere near the Theraphi!! – Also all external electronic devices should be kept well away. ( As a practical matter- computer screens and cell phone cameras- will experience problems if too close- 4-6 feet minimum- We used a computer to generate superposed RIFE frequencies to experimentally feed to Theraphi- input- this WAS effective. AND when that computer was too close the screen went out of control- meaning- use a longer input wire. Note that feeding external frequencies in to Theraphi- is not supported for now- due to duty cycle potential heating issues on the high power transistors. ).

METAL: The high voltage field- does tend to ground onto/ and dissapate in metal / conductive structures. Remember – how the famous (conjugate?) brown’s gas, famously would cut metal but not human tissue. This is because implosive conjugate fields- find charge distribution (not heat) in biologic (‘fractal’) capacitance- but they find resistance and heat in simple conductives like metal. In practice- what does this mean for Theraphi users:

– first- carefully remove all metal from the body- if at all possible (belt buckles, metal wires in bras, jewery etc.)

– second – does the user have a metal implant in their legs/ arms etc? (also – metal in the teeth). Here is what we have found so far: We know that metal can cause heating and possibly discomfort. SO we urge removing all metal possible. In some cases of course- metal reinforcements etc in bone surgeries are obviously not removeable. SO- if a user has a metal implant – then we suggest proceeding cautiously ( internal electronics is a definite no go- but some simple metal plate implants can still be permitted- with caution). Meaning- try a short session- couple minutes- and check for any heating, tingling or discomfort associated with the metal iimplant. This being said- we HAVE definitely had significant success even in such cases. Notably we had a man with a titanium plate in the heel of his foot. He had pain and had trouble walking. (In the Belgium tests). We proceeded with caution as discussed. In this case we did have amazing success- we were able to help. After one 3-4 minute session in Theraphi- amazingly he said almost the pain was gone- and he was walking happily! There were quite a few witnesses. Theraphi so far- has a rather amazing track record of being able to help people with localized pain- for example.

– third – all furniture, fabric, and flooring near the hardware and the patient must be non-conductive, non-metal (natural biologic materials best). Sources of electrical grounding could be dangerous. (See note below about limiting charge absorbing fuzzy fabrics- and eliminating synthetic fabrics and synthetic materials if at all possible near the unit).


2. Clothing / environment:

Theraphi with it’s associated high voltage Tesla coil- is definitely a device which implodes/ coheres (the vacuum) – of it’s electrical environment. This means- that the charge field ‘memory’ of the local electrical environment becomes an integral part of the rejuvenation bioactive field. To understand this – consider a) negative ion wind is definitely a proven way to heal in hospitals – consider that negative ion shower is a VERY electrically fragile thing (little black hole). – b) consider the famous ‘Cell Care Therapy’ – potent negative ion wind disinfection therapy. This was a device which notoriously required placement in a room- with natural and non-synthetic- non-metal materials. Theraphi- is similar. Any environment which would kill negative ions- (metal surfaces, electro-smog and synthetic materials in general)- will deplete the effect of the Theraphi. SO – in practice- the Theraphi is best in a room made of natural materials, avoiding most metal, avoiding electrosmog- but INCLUDING fresh air. In summary- what you would generally conceive of as ‘sacred space’ is actually the correct electrical environment for centripetal charge healing- like Theraphi- and negative ion therapy. Note – how well we electrically defined and measured the concept of sacred space:

Clothing: There are reports- the (related) Lakhovsky effect was best naked. Now- we don’t suggest being naked- however we DO strongly advise- remove all the clothing which is comfortable to take off- especially remove sweaters and clingy clothing and synthetics where possible. Relaxed and charged- this is our advice. (Of course- it is not ok to be cold). Loose fitting- light- natural fabrics- this is best where feasible. Definitely loosen any clothing where possible. The chair or bed or massage table must definitely be non-conductive- non-metal- a natural material – wood is great- ( but a non-conductive plastic can do).


3. Session placement / timing etc:

The plasma tubes are specifically designed to be adjustable spacing. The most common spacing would be plasma tubes about 5-10 inches spaced out from the body – pointing at the upper chest etc. The plasma tubes should point rather accurately- aligned directly to point to the same center. That center is generally whatever part of the body is having a problem. For example pointing at a hand or foot or shoulder- with the tubes spaced perhaps 6-12 inches from the skin. It is common when the site is fairly focused and close that some coolness will be experienced ( as when we helped a doctor heal a cut finger in Perpignan- it definitely got cold- the nature of implosion).

For whole body effect- with pain- and other issues- particularly centered on the whole body- having the patient seated and the tubes pointed at upper chest- is probably best. For psychological issues- and particularly to help with bliss/ euphoria experiences- also for massage environment- we have found patient on the massage table – with tubes pointed at head and feet (6-12 inches from head/ foot)- has been quite useful.

Duration: all our trials so far have been with one 3 to 5 minute session. Generally we recommend that the subject wait a day before repeating. We have tried a few with multiple sessions like this in one day- but the metabolic acceleration etc- suggests a more gentle pace is best. In many cases we have useful benefit after a single session (restore feeling in a hand or foot- or reduce pain). With major issues- we still have found good benefit by doing this once a day for just 2-4 days etc. This is what we have tried so far- it has been useful.


4. When all is prepared the operator:

a. Turns the switch on on the main amplifier box.

b. SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY turns the rheostat/variable transformer – gently up to 50 to 55 volts max. Step away. Time the session- typically 3-4 minutes. When ending the session- it is very nice to tell the patient- visualize coming to a still point- and then VERY slowly turn the rheostat power knob down – to zero. (Like degaussing a TV- the gradual decay of the field- is when the zero point is accessed – plus it is nice to notice the little tornado in the plasma bulb go to perfect collapse).

What to expect:

-feeling of energy / tingling in the hands / extremities etc.

– feeling heart rate / breath speed up and deepen ( metabolic acceleration is part of the effect).


Instructions to the user/ experiencer

The Theraphi- will increase the charge and pressure of the corona (aura) around the body. SO- relax- take a deep breath then gently enter stillness. For people watching this is a great time to learn to see auras. Multiple clairvoyants have confirmed that the Theraphi increases aura visibility- and we have had amazing confirming reports from multiple clairvoyants of events in the aura. The charge tends to go ‘where it’s needed’. What this means practically- is that the charge tornado around the body definitely speeds up- SO – this is a particularly good time to STEER THE TORNADO. For the user- this means- this is the time to ‘talk to your cells’. The user should be urged – to ‘set their intention’, to visualize the charge going where they wish, and to visualize / imagine the outcome. The opportunity to ‘create your reality’ is greatest when the life force field is charged and compressed ready to be imploded into your picture of healing.


5. Afterward:

– enjoy the stillness for a couple minutes

– discuss the feeling and the intention

– drink spring water ( charge experiences particularly require hydration).

– expect detox effect ( deep breathing, extra fluids, more rest , stillness)

– expect metabolic acceleration- your body speeds up- your mind speeds up. We have measured HRV rate increases that last at least a day. Interestingly in Belgium- users DO report improved DECISION MAKING. We speculate increased metabolic/ mentation rate- improve descrimination / sorting/ decision making skills. Theraphi is great for wakefulness – Theraphi is NOT recommended before sleep.

– health professionals are urged to do all the things associated with detox ( drink more, detox herbs etc, ideal would be access to live blood cell microscopy- seeing the blood clean of released toxins etc.)

Again altho the Theraphi is based on Priore- it is new- and should be treated as experimental. The disclaimer- at the bottom of does apply here.

Appreciate your dedicated interest.

The Theraphi Team.