Announcing new QUANTAPHI!

Flexible/ Programmable - Healing Sound - audiophile quality- with Plasma

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Taking Sound Healing Technology - to a Whole New Level

The Quantaphi is a High Fidelity sound system that utilizes Tesla technology and Plasma to create longitudinal waves to fill your personal space with what Tesla called Radiant Energy.

Quantaphi now shipping in 3-4 weeks-

Quantaphi - for special intro offer, to order / info and support, contact - Dan Winter: - or call 310 651 8123

Quantaphi systems are shipped with a set of 2 tubes, - or a reasonable option to add 2 more (4 tube array can be powered by the amp)

Great new instructions for driving the precise flameinsound implosion sound harmonics into QUANTAPHI - see>

We also provide direct support- for one of the most powerful features of Quantaphi:
Input the worlds most powerful PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC IMPLOSION AUDIO HETERODYNES- (from Dan Winter) to Quantaphi->
using the powerful FLAMEINSOUND- AUDIO > available with - or inexpensively (about $20) with app (inexpensive/easy without the brainwave option)
Audio modulation inputs for amazing effects can be done from most any device that would operate earphones - but the special phase conjugate powerful frequencies do require IOS /iphone/ipad to generate

Click to view new Audio Heterodynces - MANUAL ( html version / pdf version here / pptx verssion here) to DRIVE PLASMAPHIRE / QUANTAPHI / PHIVIBES

Note this audio drivers manual for QUANTAPHI- is also used to drive the new - Plasma Ball system from Patrick Botte and Dan Winter

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Feel the Vibes

Your body is a non-linear dielectric medium which absorbs these waves.

Many Configurations

Two Solid State Tesla Coils

Using cutting edge technology that Tesla could have only dreamed of, the Quataphi comes with two high frequency coils so they can be driven in stereo!

Two Plasma Tubes

Each Tesla coil is capable of driving several plasma tubes as well as being able to act as two independent channels. Two Plasma tubes are included with the system and additional ones may be added any time.

Wide Range of Inputs

The Brain of the system is a Hi Fidelity Class-D amplifier with a wide range of inputs. 

  • Aux RCA Jacks
  • Aux BNC Jacks
  • Aux 1/8” Jack
  • SD Card
  • USB Drive
  • Bluetooth
  • audio modulation inputs for amazing effects can be done from most any device that would operate earphones - but the special phase conjugate powerful frequencies do require IOS /iphone/ipad to generate

Choose Your Healing Sound

Playable Formats Include

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • APE
  • Bluetooth

Create the Field

Play any of your favourite music through the Hi Fidelity amplifier while activating the plasma at the same time with the Tesla coils. This creates an electrostatic field in the proximity of your sound system.

Hear the Difference

Many audiophiles claim the coils and plasma producing this field increases the quality of the listening experience. 

Frequency Generators

The Tesla coils  are capable of creating a large field effect as well being gentle enough for direct contact. Contact type frequency generators date back to the late 1800's. The healing properties of electricity gained popularity in the early 1900's and fell out of favour when a few charlatans began marketing bogus devices with extraordinary claims.

This caused regulating bodies to be formed and they made a fail swoop and cracked down on almost all electrotherapy type devices. After Royal Raymond Rife there was quiet era in this field and it wasn't  to gain popularity again until the 90's when the amazing story of Rife was slowly pieced together.

Today frequency based devices have made a huge comeback and there are hundreds of them on the market.

The auxiliary inputs on the Quantaphi allow for several of these devices to safely connect to the Tesla coils and Plasma tubes. Auxiliary RCA, BNC and 1/8 inch headphone type jacks allow you to connect your computer, cell phone or tablet for software based frequency generators, function generators and combo systems like the Spooky2 can also be easily connected via the BNC connection.

update June 6, 2021 - Distant healing with the Quantaphi- letter from Michael Welk and Katharina Sonneborn , in Germany -

In 2013 my husband Michael Welk and me Katharina Sonneborn, opened a health practice together. We are offering various methods as polarity therapy, sound healing, tao healing and many more.

At the same time Michael is always searching and finding new healing methods and his intuition leads him to the right spots.

When he discovered the Quantaphi/Theraphi in 2019 he asked me, if I would love to try a Theraphi session in Geneva with Melania Milbert - I said out of an inner knowing: yes!

After experiencing the Theraphi, I knew this healingtool will be a benefit for us personally and for all the clients we work with.

And since we got the Quantaphi in Juli 2020 we have an incredible time and many unexpected experiences with this tool. We are able to balance weak points in our own bodies and our life energy increased enormously. In the same time the energy field around as attracts more people and our openness to the spiritual world is even wider. A friend of us, who is clairvoyant told us, that he can see a light portal at our living and working place.

In January 2021 I did a spiritual course with Lee Harris and he asked us one day "what does your soul wants to create?" My soul answered "create a field of love and healing". I was doing that already in my life and work, but I felt, there was something new to discover. In the last years I offered sometimes distant healings and always felt attracted to this kind of work.

I knew from the inventors, that distant healing is possible with the Quantaphi and so I started gaining experiences in this combination.

I asked my distant clients for a fullbody foto and their healing goals. Then I put the foto on a cardboard and between the tubes during the session. In the time, we have made out, the client lies down. At the same time I am sitting in meditation and connect to the higher self/the soul of my client and to my guides.

In the meditation the soul of my client speaks to me and shows me, what stands in the way for the healing process. I get pictures, words, hints and can feel the physical or emotional blockages in the body of the client through my own body. When I give this soul informations back to my clients, it is amazing to observe, that energy starts to move, realizations are happening and emotions can be released.

Feedback from clients:

"That is so amazing!! It made me cry to know what my soul family said. It's so exciting. I knew exactly, when the healing started because I heard a frequency come in. I felt so much happening, waves of chills and probably when you were working on my heart chakra, I was feeling was opening and I felt widening"

Carrie: "Such a wonderful and helpful experience: insightful, deep going and eye-opening by way of Katharina's hints on what she noticed while doing the healing. So grateful for your work." Ulrike

What I observed is, that during the distant healing we all build a huge healing field together, the Quantaphi, the client, me and of course our spiritual guides. And in this unified field healing is possible. The Quantaphi is directly effecting the energyfield of the client from the distance and and that can be felt energetically for the client.

Feedback from a client:

"For me, quantaphy sessions have a completely different - new quality: a compressed, intensive healing journey with familiar and new encounters and messages on an inner level. All in all, I have experienced a great healing field - physically, emotionally, mentally - and now at the end of 7 sessions I feel like newborn - filled and filled with fresh energy and love as well as full of joy."

Claudia:" In the last part of this article, I would love to report about the work with an 11 year old boy from Lettland. The mother contacted me and told me about her son Renars. He had a difficult birth and a congenital disease and various doctors told them over the years, that he would be disabled. But he is growing up as a regular kid only with some difficulties. After the first session Renars slept for 14 hours, so deep was the relaxation in his energysystem. Through the energy reading I got contact to his guardian angel and his power animal and for this very sensitive boy the connection to his guides was extremely helpful. His soul was showing me parts, where Renars needs support and Renars could understand every hint from his higher self directly. It seems as if he had waited for this opportunity. The Quantaphi and my guidance worked perfectly together. From my perspective Renars is now able to arrive more fully into his body and the traumatic energy from his early years can be released.

Feedback from a client:

"Katharina had instant connection and understanding with me and my son. During every session new ways unfold and I keep wondering how amazing her work is. My son changes and blossoms in front of my eyes, we are overcoming several dificulties and my mother heart melts in gratitude! My boy loves the sessions and asks when will be next?"

Liva and Renars

In our practice we offer regular session with the Quantaphi here in Freiburg/Germany.

But feel free to contact us also for distant healing sessions all over the world.


Katharina Sonneborn & Michael Welk

update June 15, 2021- David Veverka - wrote re Quantaphi

"Hi Dan, sorry it took so long to send these feedbacks to you. I had quite a lot to do because there are more and more clients coming. Usually at least 8 a week including those that have sessions wirelessly. I dont have feedbacks from everyone though... Just from the ones from the first batch. When I have more I will send them to you as well. 

Since that time much changed. We had a call with Patrick and it gave me much clearer understanding of how Quantaphi works and how the cascades are done.(he showed me the backdoor in the app). 

Overall I can see changes in every single person after two to three sessions. The field smoothens. I often experience the field around women to expand and open like a rose or some flower. The effects are varying from start of a detox process to becoming very tender and soft. Some of them experience quite deep contact with the tenderness inside. Its hard to get some feedback out of the women that experience this because it can be seen that this is something very personal and intimate. 

With men it is different. The mind tends to turn off and they go to sleep. They usually wake up and dont know what happened but the next day there is a feeling of relaxation (one client is coming purely for physical relaxation). The more sensitive ones are usually experience much more power or clarity after the session to a point when the state can be called almost psychedelic. 

With one person we had quite a breakthrough on a physical level. She was on three sessions (one of the first batch) and then she had 3 weeks pause. I also told her to buy supplements, vitamins etc. to give the body what it needs. Since that time she essentially stopped having sinus problems and allergy problems she had for her whole life. She can now lie down in the grass and be ok afterwars.... this was impossible before. 

Another woman from Istanbul had a breakthrough which will possibly change her life if she goes through with it... She kept on denying herself having a child and projected this into a string of failed business attempts. After we had three sessions regarding this topic, she rediscovered her longing for having a baby and even got into contact with her unborn daughter. 

Anyway the list goes on... Here are the feedbacks :) I will add mine at the end.

First one:
I have experienced 3 Quantaphi therapeutic sessions with David Veverka. The most apparent impact came after the first session. Right after the session I felt just that my body and consciousness were smooth and fluent and nothing dramatic happened, but the next day I was glad I didn´t have to work and could spend time with myself, because it was like I was able to open the gates to some deep layers of my body and being. And not just one gate to one layer deeper, but at least five. I had the opportunity to connect with the depth of my psyche, old emotions and wounds, and since I was feeling good and strong, I was able to give myself the right care and to heal and cleanse a great amount of old ballast. This process lasted two days and I am quite sure I had the honor to meet my core wound during it. In the upcoming weeks I notices that I am not feeling anxiety in my daily life anymore, and I believe this process was a great support for this change (of course combined with my inner work skills and life experience).
The next session was a lot about restoring my energetic connection to the earth, which enabled me to ground myself in my body more and gain more inner stability. After this session I felt a completely new feeling in my body. For the first time I experienced what inner stability could feel like, because I am used to feeling constant movement inside of me – constant inner flight, looking what I should change and do next. I started to re-connect with my core and the lower half of my body in the upcoming days and weeks – my consciousness gained access there and my body and movement are enhanced by this
The third session was different regarding my conscious grip of what happened during and after it. It was a little bit mysterious and I didn´t know what to think about it, but I think it helped my access another layers of my old patterns in behaviour, perception and emotional experiencing, since they became very clear in the everyday life – I had the opportunity to see them, meet them and change them. Many great changes in my relationships and work life happened as well during this 3 week period.

Second one:
I had three sessions with QuantaPhi. It was very relaxing during the treatment. Now and then I felt some pins and needles in different parts of my body. I also felt different states of relaxation and meditation on various frequencies. In the meantime, between the sessions, I had more realistic dreams. I didn’t feel any improvements in my physical body such as higher energy level, deepened perception, or less pain. If I think about this period retrospectively I am not sure if I like the effect it had on me. I am emotionally imbalanced, more nervous and touchy, and less joyful. Probably, there is a reason why I underwent this treatment, but I don’t know it now.

Comment: This is a friend of mine who works in the Academia, doing experiments on animals... somehow I experienced every time we had a session that she is progressively getting more sensitive to what she is actually doing in life, hence the semi negative review... the emotions started getting out.

 Third one:  
I will describe my 3-week experience with Quantaphi. In this cycle, I always completed it once a week. The first experience was very noticeable for me. I felt my whole body begin to clean. I needed to drink a lot of water and energy waves ran through my body regularly. This lasted until the next day.
A week later, the experience was the most intense. During Quantaphi, I tuned in and harmonized as much as if I were a newborn baby. I felt a direct connection to the source.
I came to the third session very upset and irritated, I felt very down with my life energy. During Quantaphi, my energy in my body matched. It wasn't as "pure euphoria" as the second session, but it was something like "zero point" where Quantaphi took me again.

No comment needed

 Fourth one:  
“My brain felt safe” - this is a cornerstone of my experience with quanthapi sessions. I felt how my brain could relax and find a zero point, where there is no threat. I literally felt how my brain is sending signals to my body that “everything is OK”. I felt how all self-healing processes could start and make their own business without having me to step in.

During my life I have always struggled with my period - I've always had to fight hard for it to start, using all possible herbs and so on. During these 3 weeks with Quantaphi I have experienced the most beautiful period week so far. It was all so natural and I was telling myself - “wow, it can all function just by itself”. It was so beautiful! I've experienced the feeling of pure femininity through my body, just through my biology. And I have a strong feeling, that it is connected to my brain feeling safe.

Quantaphi also surprised me with its strong field of this natural vibration. There is something in its field that makes it more natural and fresh than anything that I've experienced.

David made my experience very safe and personal. He has a natural talent to be in a field with me and let my process grow through me in its own specific way.

Fifth one:    
We have shared our life journey with Dave for some time so I was a witness to his amazing growth. He has dedicated most of his life to study principles of nature on both physical and energy level, in external world and in his body and energetic system. His enormous capacity of awareness and knowledge lead him to quantaphi, where he combines and shares all of his talents. This amazing technology literally corrects pattern of our source (I don't have better words to describe this). I can feel how it gradually but consistently smoothing the edges and repairing the broken areas of my essence. I'm at the beginning of the journey, but I know that if possible, I want to work with quantaphi to heal my source layer by layer and to once become my true self. And I wouldn't find a better guide to this treatment than Dave.

My feedback to Quantaphi:  
Work with Quantaphi changed my life in many ways... I found out that all the principles I learned in previous years from various expanded consciousness states, study of alternative technologies from Tesla and Schauberger, psychology, electronics and biology is combined in Quantaphi.... I am very much looking forward to when the practice here in Czech Republic gets going and I will be able to get Theraphi and create a permanent space for it here. To me it brought mainly a lot of clarity... I know I want to bring this to people. I have seen quite a few breakthroughs in such a short time (not even two months now since Ive been giving sessions to clients) that it makes me confident that this method has a lot to give to people without being dangerous. It also helps me with physical regeneration after workout, getting energized (it is better to turn on Quantaphi in the morning than to drink coffee :D ) and overall having a much better feeling of wellbeing. The only disadvantage is that I have to regularly ground myself. If I dont do this, it can cause feelings of "having a hole in my head"... kind of numbness which I need at least a day or two to get rid of (or have physical excercise, go dancing, in nature barefoot etc). I still look for inspiration regarding protocol, Michael Welk from Germany already contacted me so we will exchange a bit of info in the following weeks. 

Greets, David Veverka

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