Join us for an exciting new talk with Dan Winter

From Sumerian / Egyptian to modern electrical engineering, many thought the ancient Egyptian carvings that looked like an prehistoric light bulb, was simple lighting – but now we know something far more interesting.

That famous glyph is now the logo for which is a modern rejuvenation field effect, commercially successful in 20 countries, which does exactly what the ancients meant by ‘raising a SHEM unto the Lord’.

The word SHEM later was translated to ‘altar in the church’, Sitchen after study called it ‘high ward (implosive?) fire stone’. We now know exactly how the ancients discovered the secret of anti-aging and time reversal.

Today it is called phase conjugation, and the wave shape required is precisely the caduceus of Hermes. Tune in and learn the physics…


Phase Conjugate Implosive/Fractal Cause of Gravity:

Phase Conjugate Implosive Fractal Cause of Perception:

Phase Conjugate Implosive Fractal Mechanism of Propulsion:
(equations to optimize hydraulic propulsion = Nazi Bell / Mercury Vortex / Vimana, history of ‘warp propulsion’ / ‘de lithium niobite crystals’ crystal propulsion pdf-= Kowsky Frost)

Equation for Origin of Alphabet letters, as plasma propulsion symmetry vector sequences:

Implosion Negentropy in Water:

Implosion Negentropy symmetry sequence mechanism of successful death:

Implosion Negentropy differentiating human evolution vs Annunaki / Draco in ET history:


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