Update/ Newsletter / Info - May 2016

Thanks for your interest in our breakthru- plasma bioactive field rejuvenation system. The best way for us to help you understand is if you can study the deep science details, new films, and advance Priore background pdfs all at

New Theraphi Healing Center in France- beautiful new blog on their healing work with Theraphi:

Christine co-hosts (with Mederic) the Perpignan healing center using Theraphi-
she complements her clairvoyance with Theraphi
(the charge increases aura and aura visibility) - her beautiful new blog about Theraphi healing
( is in French -use an auto translator like Chrome browser): *Christine's blog : (Light in the Soul)

Note in addition to all the compelling physics theory ( phase conjugate negentropy) and the precedent for Theraphi with Priore- for anti-swelling, anti-cyst, anti-cancer, and pain reduction (restored compression / centripetal force)..

we are already well on our way to proving the Theraphi plasma system- may be the most powerful biologic CHARGING system- to charge:



-piezo rock powders

and more. We already have partners developing these proofs with us- and invite your collaboration.

Status and availability:

Our Theraphi installations in Perpignan, France and in Belgium with Peter- are doing super.
See her new blog about using Theraphi there- aura vision aids, and how to direct the plasma field by your own inner focus

Installations (& date month/year) in -NSW Australia (3/16) , Calgary area (3/16), New York (3/16) , London (4/16), and Bosnian (6/16) pyramids are confirmed. Also the Perpignan France unit will be rotating to Lyon and Paris in the next couple months.
Also a second South France unit will soon rotate to Barcelona and Malaga Spain.

Update- new installs are now committed in about 2 months for : South Africa, Canary Islands, Northern California, Oregon, and more..

If you would like to visit and experience any of these installations- you can email info (at)

stating your approximate dates - we will provide local contact info. In most cases appointment is needed- our coordinators try to welcoming.

Costs: to visit and experience Theraphi with these coordinators is often reasonable or donation based.

There is so much more to say about bioactive plasma - we just put the new films at

Thanks for your interest.

Theraphi Team

info (at)