Theraphi dramatic plasma effect on Plant Growth– pictures (many reports)-  we understood the physics centripetal plasma is  a

pure principle of seed germination for example. Also Priore’s original plasma machine effect ( ) – included powerful

plant growth effects-

HISTORY and Physics of LIFE FORCE Measured and Defined:  -> measurement tech:

(suggested reading for Ananda Marga-‘Microvita’)

Dozens of original measurements-by power spectra- from Dan Winter proving life force IS capacitive charge implosion –
(now implemented commercially around the world )

Proof of the Physics HOW That charge implosion is fractal in structure – quantized precisely and measureably by Dan Winter’s new equation:
ORIGIN OF NEGENTROPY ( the book: ) – Planck x PHI ^ Integer N – ,

Implementation of that precise fractal frequency equation – PRODUCING life force – in plasma -now commercially successful in 25 countries-
often doubling plant growth, doubling the life of cut flowers, doubling growth of seeds treated with… often applied specifically to agriculture
– but also producing rejuvnation in hundreds of centers (from Dan Winter)-this article  :

See more physics background on HOW Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) -(perfected we believe in THERAPHI)- affects plant/ seed growth:

Here are some recent reports with Theraphi and plant growth- images- (we plan more systematic trials as well)
Thanks! to Claire and Kristen – – first from Claire- Theraphi – South Africa-


and from Kristen R. Theraphi center- Boston, MA, USA:

Note how the precise implosive ‘phase conjugate negentropic’ power spectra which drives Theraphi  ( ) –
from my original equation ‘origin of biologic negentropy’ ( )
is exactly the centripetal field- which defines the centripetal charge needed for seed germination and plant growth.
Bioactive fields – physics principle: CHARGE IMPLOSION- explained:

We have applied that precise waveform to growth by engineered vortex by equation in water implosion:

Our tool to measure that weak  but precise implosive field of life force (microvolt ELF by power spectra):
Note how the same brainwave for peak consciousness device- is used to measure life force in trees/plants even buildings!

–See in the above- the Schumann weak field harmonic cascade we have successfully measured as defining life force and vitality
in this ‘happy tree’ – is exactly the same ‘phase conjugate negentropic’ implosive harmonic cascade which drives Theraphi.