Theraphi & Kundalini new reports:from Sorting Pain to Bliss -Real Stories and the Real Science

Evan Drofnud -kindly wrote today – Nov 15, 2020: “My second time coming to Eddy Sharpless’s place (Theraphi Center) in Northern California was even better than the first.
Instead of his cabin near the river, which was great, he now has an amazingly constructed hexagonal hobbit hut, with unique crystals etc everywhere,
built on a ley-line verified by an intuitive as well as measurement, now with a Quanti-phi stereo system inside it to go along with the Theraphi.
The first time I was there a few years ago I overdid it, and had major kundalini induced too fast which resulted in a burning crown chakra
that was hard to get to stop for weeks without taming thoughts and ample grounding. This time, I noticed the same thing occur but much more gently,
and we concluded the cause of crown heat is the lack of sorted emotions and memories blocking the implosion.
(The Theraphi actually had begun by immediately working on opening my heart.) As my friend whom I had traveled with and I
worked through each other’s individual issues after the Theraphi sessions with various trauma healing techniques, major releases would lead to major bliss.
Then, on the third session, I had zero crown heat and only bliss, and extremely bright colored UV purple plasma swirling behind my eyes
(which I have always seen in peak states but never this bright) At night I could see neon colored geometric shapes and more behind my eyes,
as well as a vision of a shaman woman appearing to take over for my friend (now girlfriend who had fallen asleep during a long release of traumatic memories!
One night after holding back a triggered memory, I was zapped awake from the crown down by a relevant nightmare leading me to even more intense memory sorting.
(Don’t avoid the pain, go into it to get through.) So much had happened each day and night we had to use one of Dans often mentioned Gurdjieff techniques
of running through your days events, in this case – week’s events. Afterwards, more bliss as we entered into present time coherently.
Upon return home, I could feel my environment with SO much depth and clarity, it was a peak I hadn’t experienced since childhood.
Many positive dreams and energies followed. I can’t wait to return To Eddy’s amazing place to see what level I can get to next.
I imagine his place has the most “vibe” and is the most well decorated of any Theraphi location.
That, along with Eddy’s humble presence and hospitality is why I will keep going back. Thank you Eddy, Dan and Paul”

Evan very kindly sent along his friend’s – Laura J. -photo and feedback – also:

Laura J. wrote – Nov 1,2020: ” I went with a friend to check out the Theraphi – I had no idea the transformation I was about to experience.
The Theraphi brought up unresolved emotions, traumas, and symptoms (for example, burning in my feet, where I have had lots of inflammation).
After every session I felt a level of peace that had been fleeting in my day-to-day experience.
The Theraphi simultaneously brought up what needed to be brought up and provided the space for speedy and smooth integration.
As I meditated in that space, I sensed so much was being processed at record speed.
I also noticed that the Theraphi was extremely effective at breaking up biofilm, which I noticed coming out of me each day I had a session.
There’s nothing else I could attribute that to. My experience with the Theraphi was combined with so many expansive experiences of connection, growth, integration, and convergence –  I know that the Theraphi played a huge role in my healing journey and I’ll definitely be back for more.”

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Kundalini, Ascension, ..Rainmaking-Practical Spiritual Science with Dan Winter more at this film is a sequel to Physics of Ascension
The Implosion Sound precise Bliss Binaural software discussed- is the core driver for
(Plasma regen successful in 25 countries) , and , , and Also from the film Hypercube /conjugate plasma physics of angelics

Amanda S – Kindly wrote today- about the film- Nov 15,2020 “Dan, I don’t know if you’ll see this- but I spent years looking for answers. Just desperate. You have been the only one who has pulled it all together for me.   There aren’t enough “thank you’s” in the world to adequately describe what your work and sharing has done for me.

We have so many anecdotal reports- particularly with women- particularly when in Theraphi lying down – MANY report some kind of bliss/ euphoria experience.

See also- from Paul’s original report that approximately 1/3 of those emerging from Theraphi report some SHARPENING OF VISION
– which lead to our now famous- international lectures on CONJUGATE PHYSICS OF VISION > PLASMA AND VISION

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WHY / HOW – perfected – conjugate implosion frequencies (Winter’s equation -Theraphi physics) drive bliss / Kundalini / euphoria:

As we explain at ( image below)
The key frequencies – Planckx Golden Ratio ^ Interger Exponents – “Origin of Negentropy” from Dan Winter- which DRIVE THERAPHI

– are also literally the key harmonics of:

a) EEG Alpha Beta defining and teaching BLISS / Peak States –


c) almost exactly the key frequencies of the SACRAL CRANIAL spine liquid pump – PROVEN DRIVER OF KUNDALINI / BLISS (image below)

-note the key driver frequency .1 hz- MAYER WAVE – most important blood pressure resonance / key LF frequency of relaxed HRV- and key breath trigger – see our ithrve.comfacebook users group for results.

above- chart assembled courtesy Patrick Botte- see his site for all 5 biofeedback apps-

Detailed HARMONIC SCIENCE OF KUNDALINI- based on IMPLOSION– Below- image and link from our bio-science article:

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