Theraphi Plasma Effect on Water:Measured –  Interview Dan Winter, Paul Harris + Roger Green

Here Dr.Glen Rein -measured Theraphi plasma exposure increases conductivity in water 44% in first 3 minutes:

This relates directly to the measured ‘de-clumping’ effect of Theraphi on Live Blood Cells– (Blood cells standing alone are far stronger /more bio-available)

and the measured dramatic Theraphi effect on plant growth– for example – not to mention the effect of the water in the body..(increased order/negentropy).

In the film- Dan and Paul also discuss the new Aqua-Phi Theraphi Arc treated water nitrogen solubility effect on Plants.

More with Dr Glen Rein’s measure (effect of Coherent EKG-as discovered by Winter- on DNA braid coherence

also – see: Dr Rein’s lecture film from Theraphi 2018 International Conference

finally- also – the Slideshow Powerpoint- for the above presentation from Dan Winter’s film with Roger and Paul

Please see original Dan Winter article on mechanism of NEGENTROPY and- Phase Conjugation in COLD PLASMA