Theraphi Techniques:Psychology and Physics Perfecting Charge Collapse & Breath Technique- for Stress/Trauma
also Surrogate Remote Healing with Theraphi – w/ Kate Forbes & Dan Winter

Important Theraphi plasma approaches to add-  psychological stress ‘collapse’ visualizations- for trauma / fears etc., and utilize a fire breath then still point to ‘focus thru the pain’ and then replace the stress /pain memory with positive visualization- using the charge collapse implosion field of Theraphi – to reach psychological deep memories more easily (as Carles center in Barcelona demonstrated with Theraphi). Also then Kate discusses using ‘surrogate’ for powerful remote healing with Theraphi – related to remote healing Theraphi work in many of our centers- especially in Norway.

This film is sequel to Kates first presentation  Theraphi and trauma solutions for young people- and charging the gut ‘microbiome’:

Theraphi Trauma/ Autism Solutions w/ kids -Nourishing Gut Microbiome w/ Kate Forbes