The new Version 5 amplifier, the silver one, should be as far away from the black box, the white wires and the tubes as possible. It is OK to have the amp on the ground. There is no need for the old red transformer, it plugs directly into the wall in any country.

Some simple operating procedures

The top switch should be in Stand By mode and the Tune knob all the way to the left or right.

Turn on the main power switch (Right knob) clockwise one click, it is now in Stand By mode and can stay that way as long as you like. It only goes one click clockwise to turn on and one click counter clock wise to turn off.

When you are ready, you can press any preset timing button for 2, 5, 10 or 15 min.

Then switch the top switch into plasma mode and turn the tuning knob until the tubes are at the brightest point, it will be about 1/3 of the way clockwise.

You can switch back into standby mode or cancel the timing by pressing the bottom button on the timer, it’s then best to turn the tuning up or down all the way, this makes it easier on power supply when you go to turn it back on. So instead of switching it on with the tune knob a full brightness you turn up the tubes gently each time you start it.

Keep the amp as far away from the coil and the tubes as possible.

Do not run longer then 10 min in plasma mode, you can leave in stand by as long as you like but it should be 10 min in stand by mode before going back to plasma to allow the tubes to cool down. The field continues when in stand by mode so if you want to run some one longer then 10 min just keep them on the table in-between plasma modes.

If you use the 15 min timer be sure not to run the tubes at full power or you may find that adding fan to cool the backs of the tubes will help. The idea is to not let the tubes run too hot for too long, this will greatly increase their life expectancy.

It can remain in Stand By mode as long as you like in-between sessions.

Turn on the main power switch (Right knob) counter clockwise one click to turn off.

When you turn off the timer switch, wait 10 seconds after the green light goes out before turning the timer back on to allow time for the electronics to reset. If the green light does not come on when you start it leave it off for 20 seconds before restarting.

Keeping the tubes relatively cool is the key to long life, so be mindful of that, you can get a feel for how hot they are by holding the back of your hand over the back of the tubes, when in Stand By mode.

You do not have to have the tubes fully lit to achieve good results, it is very strong at full brightness so keep that in mind and experiment with lower settings. The tubes will run cooler and it is less stress on the electronics.

Be very careful with the white wires they should not come near any metal and be sure no one touches them or the tubes while in plasma mode.

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